Anitta is now Nubank’s Global Brand Ambassador

Anitta will contribute even more with her marketing experience and help us move towards a brand that goes beyond financial services.

Portrait of Brazilian singer Anitta. Anitta is now Nubank's Global Brand Ambassador

Nubank was born with a fundamental value: we put people at the core of everything we do. This value helped to leverage in 2021 our partnership with Anitta, one of Brazil’s most successful artists and businesswomen – and someone who knows the challenges people face on a daily basis.

Now, Anitta assumes the role of Nubank’s Global Ambassador

In this position, she will work even closer to our teams with her strategic marketing vision – the same vision that, added to her talent, she has been applying to expand her career internationally.

“I’m a Nubank shareholder and really believe in the company and what we still have to develop together. Being Nu’s global ambassador makes me extremely happy and proud, especially as we continue to drive impact through financial education for millions of people”,

Anitta, Nubank’s Global Brand Ambassador

Executive legacy into marketing

Anitta will complete her term on the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting of 2022. Given the intense growth of her agenda as a global pop star, she has requested that her participation not be renewed.

Over the past year, she has played a key role with her business experience and marketing accumen.

As a member of the Stakeholders Committee, she contributed to the definition of our ESG strategy, the launch of Instituto Nu and other relevant themes. She now leaves her position and takes that executive legacy into marketing.

Nubank, Anitta and the purple revolution beyond financial services

Money is not (and shouldn’t be) a topic restricted to the financial universe: it is a fundamental part of people’s lives, and it determines a good part of the difficulties and opportunities of their trajectories.

In her new role as Nubank’s Global Ambassador, Anitta will play a key role in the national and international expansion of Nu as a brand that goes beyond financial services, with the mission to increasingly empower people in all aspects of their lives.

Anitta is an extraordinary businesswoman and we are incredibly thankful for her contributions to-date. Since she joined Nubank, she has played an important role by bringing a lot of her expertise and customer knowledge to our Company. We look forward to continuing working with her in her new capacity as marketing ambassador.”

David Vélez founder and CEO of Nubank.

We are very excited with this new stage of our history together.

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