Jacqueline Yumi Asano - Senior Product Manager - Credit Card Financing

Jacqueline is a Product Manager at Nubank, where she works with products that aim to give customers back the control of their finances. She is a feminist who is fighting for more women in technology and Founder of “Mulheres de Produto”, the largest product community in Brazil that stands for supporting women in technology.

25 May 21

Nubank Credit Card from Product to Platform mindset

Platformization has been a trend for a while, but how do we do this? How do you go from a product perspective to abstractions on a platform? We want to share with you a real case that we consider one of the greatest challenges taken by Nubank so far!

15 Feb 19

Product Managers: what they do and why we need them

A look into the role, the Product Principles that guide our work, and the hiring process for Product Managers at Nubank