Céu Balzano - Security Awareness Engineer Leader at Nubank

Céu Balzano is responsible for the Global Awareness Program, helping Nubank to protect more than 70 million customers across Latin America. He holds a degree in Ethical Hacking & Information Security from VINCIT and is certified in Privacy & Data Protection by EXIN (one of them). Balzano has over 11 years of experience in IT, specializing on awareness and human factors. He is a Security Evangelist and is learning to be a digital influencer to spread his knowledge on this topic. In his spare time, Céu enjoys pampering his wife and raising their son, JP.

07 Nov 22

What is it like being an Information Security Awareness Engineer at Nubank?

A look into the career of an Information Security Awareness Engineer at Nubank, the scope and importance of this role for any organization.