Cristiano Dalbem - Product Designer at Nubank

Cristiano Medeiros Dalbem is responsible for Product Design in the Premium Credit Card Products team, helping Nubank make Ultravioleta more and more delightful and bringing amazing benefits for the high income segment. He has a degree in Computer Science from UFRGS and a Master's of Science in Software and Systems Engineering from Grenoble INP. Cristiano has extensive experience working on digital products, from designing to coding with his own bare hands. Before joining Nubank, in 2020, he has worked in companies such as VTEX and Isobar. He is also an entrepreneur, cicloactivist, audiophile and design mentor, offering free career guidance for people from all around the world.

30 May 23

Designing Shuffle, the internal tool that powers Nubank’s award-winning customer service

A walk-through of the different techniques we used to define and prioritize some of the biggest pain points of our customer support team.