Renato de Souza - Product Designer

Renato de Souza is obsessed with stories, a specialty coffee enthusiast, and a Product Designer at Nubank, being part of the team since September 2020. Enamored with the why's and how's of Design, and always striving to intertwine the business and customer's needs and wants through well-rounded ideas, Renato has worked across many industries: with big names of insurance, as an experience consultant for health and environmental Brazilian agencies, and with many financial institutions and startups. He is also the co-founder of Sixstripes, a platform that aims to make LGBTQ representation data readily and easily accessible to the world through interactive visualizations and a public knowledge base.

01 Dec 20

Overcoming the Invisible Interface

Renato de Souza, our Product Designer, talks about expectations, context, and how buzzwords may sabotage your product.