27 Nov 23

The Hammock’s third episode: journeys in code, Clojure, Datomic, and personal growth

A deep dive into Episode 3 of ‘The Hammock’ podcast with Enzzo Cavallo: from the dynamics of Clojure to the intricacies of Datomic and beyond

13 Nov 23

Nubank is the most admired company in the Brazilian Product field

This information is from a survey conducted by PM3, reference school in Digital Products and Business in Brazil, in partnership with Bain & Company.

08 Nov 23

MIA Meetup 2023: a meeting for women in generative AI

Encouraging the presence of women in Data Science and understanding the origins, present and future of generative AI were the objectives of the event

30 Oct 23

NuStories: Tailoring products for fanatical customers in various countries

The ethos of “solving sharp pains” and staying agile to local needs isn’t just about the now; it’s a legacy

26 Oct 23

With AI, Nubank is pioneering a future of inclusive, personalized financial services

An interview with David Vélez on the role of AI in transforming finance

25 Oct 23

From a Small House to a Public Company

The LatAm leap forward: David Vélez, Nubank's CEO. A journey from financial disruption to consumer empowerment with Nubank

23 Oct 23

Scaling with purpose: insights from the São Paulo Product Community Meetup at Nubank

The meeting brought together members of the product team from various companies

17 Oct 23

Large Language Models: What are they, how they work, and how to use them?

Empowering machines with language, from training to specialization. Unveiling the magic of Large Language Models.

13 Sep 23

NuStories: embracing transitions to own your career journey

Let's delve into the journeys of three Nubankers who embody our core values every step of the way.

04 Aug 23

Clojure’s journey at Nubank: a look into the future

Tech team thanks Rich Hickey for leadership as he retires from his position at Nu. 

05 Jul 23

Personal growth, problem-solving and more: delving deep into The Hammock’s second episode

Exploring the career growth journey at Nubank, where technical expertise merges with personal development.

04 Jul 23

AI at Nubank: how one of the largest digital banks in the world uses artificial intelligence

First, align the vision and where you want to get. Then, just try to make things happen!

26 Jun 23

Team Management from Engineering Managers perspective

One of our core values from day one is to intentionally create strong and diverse teams through our leaders

21 Jun 23

Presenting Precog, Nubank’s Real Time Event AI

Understand the promising future of Precog and customer representation AI at Nubank

18 May 23

Nubank achieves a world record with more than 7 million people participating in NuBolão in one month

Unfortunately, victory did not come for Brazil in the FIFA World Cup. But on April 12, 2023, NuBolão achieved the title of world record holder – and you're a part of it.