Felipe Almeida - Machine Learning Engineer

Felipe Almeida is responsible for engineering and managing Data Science & Machine Learning projects at Nubank. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Computer Engineering, both from UFRJ. Felipe has experience working with e-commerce, credit and fraud. Before joining Nubank in 2019, he worked in companies such as Itaú-Unibanco and VTEX. In his spare time, he likes to exercise and learn foreign languages. He is active on twitter and he blogs at https://queirozf.com

01 Sep 23

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27 Jun 23

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19 Dec 22

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05 Dec 22

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02 Sep 22

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26 Apr 22

Data Scientist x Machine Learning Engineer Roles: How are they different? How are they alike?

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16 Aug 21

Machine Learning Model Monitoring – 9 Tips From the Trenches

Machine learning (ML) models are very sensitive pieces of software; their successful use needs careful monitoring to make sure they are working correctly.