Alexandre Freire - Director of Engineering

Alexandre Freire has experienced many phases of the Software Engineering Industry’s history since the dotcom bubble, and worked with companies like Locaweb,, GE, HP, GM, IBM, Ford, Yahoo, and Netflix teaching and coaching modern agile software engineering practices. Today, as the Director of Engineering at Nubank, he leads one of the best software engineering teams in the country to WOW customers while freeing them from complexity, so they can have control of their financial lives.

24 Sep 21

Why We Killed Our End-to-End Test Suite

How Nubank switched to a Contract and Acceptance testing strategy to scale to over 1k engineers

30 Sep 19

Why we think Flutter will help us scale mobile development at Nubank

An overview of the criteria and study we conducted to decide to use Flutter as our primary technology for cross-platform mobile development.