Dilson Caproni, Nathalia Magagne and Larissa Fonseca - IT Risk team at Nubank

Nathalia is a Product Ops at Nubank, where she works in the IT Risk team to leverage efficiency and governance. Previously, she worked for telecom companies and led the creation of five new mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). She has an MBA in Project Management from Faculdade de Informática e Administração Paulista, lives in São Paulo, but never loses an opportunity to go to the countryside or to the beach to be closer to the nature. Larissa is an IT Risk Analyst at Nubank, where she works with the IT Risk team to identify IT and Cybersecurity risks, helping to get the Nukank's risk management to an even higher level. She has a background in Ethical Hacking and Application Security and is engaged to contribute and participate in the Brazilian Infosec community. Dilson is a senior manager of Information Security & IT Risk at Nubank, where he has been dedicated to leveraging the maturity in cyber risk in the financial market. He has a technical background in security architecture, and in his 16 years of experience, he has led relevant transformations in Cybersecurity in big Internet, Technology, and Financial companies.

13 Apr 22

Reinventing IT & Cyber Risk Management in the financial market

Diversity leads Nubank's IT Risk team to challenge the traditional way to deal with technological risks through a multidisciplinary approach.