Luis Moneda & Jessica De Sousa - Data Scientists

Luis is a Data Science Manager at Nubank, being part of the team since 2017 and working with machine learning models to support decisions about credit card requests. He was born in São João da Boa Vista, Brazil. With a background in Economics and Computer Engineering, he’s passionate about data, causality and Emacs. Being named Moneda, which means “coin” in Spanish, and working in a Fintech, there’s a chance he’s a case of Nominative Determinism, according to Wikipedia, a hypothesis that people tend to gravitate towards areas of work that fit their names. Jessica is Venezuelan and lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She has been working at Nubank since May 2018, going through different areas, creating models to determine who may be approved for a credit card our who is applying with a fake ID. Jessica is very passionate about diversity and how to include more women in technology, specifically into the data science world.

04 Sep 20

6 principles that build our Data Scientists’ code

It is not just a matter of collecting, analysing and interpreting data. Check out the six principles that build our data scientists’ code.