Rafael Mury - Squad Lead Internal Comms & Employee Experience

Rafael Mury is an Internal Communication and Employee Experience manager at Nubank. He is responsible primarily for ensuring the organizational information reaches all hierarchical levels in the company. He is also in charge of the experience and engagement of Nubankers (Nubank workers) in every touchpoint between the company and employees. Before joining our purple world, Rafael was part of the Internal Communication team in companies like Allianz and DirecTV. He initiated his career as a reporter, covering São Paulo’s nightlife and movies in a large Brazilian newspaper. He has a degree in Journalism from Faculdade Cásper Líbero and a post-degree in Communication and Digital Media from ESPM. Rafael was an artistic gymnastics athlete for more than ten years and now fills his longing for tumbling passes by training crossfit.

17 Nov 20

Coffee Break and MegaDemo: what the meetings with the entire Nubank team are like

Waiting for the Covid-19 times to pass, we'd like to share these two Nubank events, designed to give employees visibility (in person!) of what is going on in the company.

09 Apr 20

How we are keeping Nubank’s culture alive while working from home

7 steps that helped us keep our teams connected and healthy in a home-office regime.