Henrique Oliveira - Senior Agile Specialist

Henrique Oliveira has worked with agile and project management since 2011, with over 10,000 hours of experience focused on digital product development and software engineering processes in these segments: financial, educational, insurance, and games. He holds a degree and two specializations, and the CSM and KMP certifications. He also worked as a visiting professor for eight years in postgraduate courses, technical classes and workshops, and as a speaker in events and conferences. He has produced articles about agile and business subjects and was the host and co-founder of ContÁgil Podcast. He's also created the Reality Check Tool.

14 Oct 21

Get to know the Convergence Framework, a way to organize your actions as an Agilist

Discover how to identify real problems based on customer opinions, data, and observations as an Agilist.

14 Aug 20

Going agile: do less to deliver more

How we decrease time needed to deliver our demands and increase the number of items completed per week