Yash Piplani - Director of Product at Nubank

Yash Piplani is part of the Global Acceleration Team and is responsible for building the platformization strategy to expand Nubank's products to new markets using a platform first approach. Yash has a degree in Electronics (Galgotias University) an MBA in Finance (California State University). He has extensive experience working on customer-centric product platforms. Before joining Nubank and relocating to Berlin in early 2022, he has worked in hyper-growth companies such as Glovo, Booking & Expedia. Yash is a travel enthusiast, has lived in 5 countries and loves to read books. One of the his favorite books is "Shoe Dog", by Nike co-founder Phil Knight.

13 Aug 22

What made my eyes shine towards joining Nubank in Berlin

My goal with this blogpost is to share the factors that persuaded me to join Nubank and relocate to Berlin.