Matt Swann - Chief Technology Officer at Nubank

Matt Swann is responsible for overseeing the development and execution of Nubank’s global technology strategy and roadmap and leading our engineering teams. He has a degree in Computer and Information Sciences from Arizona State University. Before joining Nubank in 2021, he was the head of technology and product teams at hyper-growth companies like Amazon and Booking, with a unique experience that blends technology and financial services. Matt lives in Seattle with his wife, but travels to Brazil frequently. They have three kids who live in the USA and two dogs that often bomb in during zoom calls.

02 Aug 22

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19 Apr 22

Artificial intelligence applied to financial services

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07 Mar 22

How to build and develop an engineering culture?

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04 Feb 22

People at the center of the strategy: the first step to innovation

The key role of customer-centricity in creating continuous improvement cycles and mechanisms to inspect metrics, processes, and incidents, thus engaging tech teams