01 Nov 23

Open Finance challenges: how Nubank protects customer data and optimizes operations

Security always comes first. That's why Nubank has built a highly secure authorization server beyond Open Finance requirements.

26 Sep 23

The birth of the Dark Mode: a journey into Nubank’s app evolution

The Dark Mode's development process has been marked by a commitment to continuous improvement based on user feedback.

23 Aug 23

Modo Rua: Redefining App Development through User-Centered Iteration

Uncover the power of user-centricity and iterative refinement in creating an exceptional application experience.

27 Jul 23

Smarter banking: how intelligent suggestions in the Nubank app empower customers

Contextual recommendations for better financial outcomes: how this feature optimizes your choices.

18 Jul 23

Bridging the gap: Nubank’s commitment in serving the visually impaired

Embark on NuBraille's journey to address a significant gap: the need for accessible banking services for the visually impaired.

26 May 23

Controlinho: Nubank’s answer to democratizing data

From monolithic to microservices: learn how Nubank's Controlinho streamlines data control and enhances reporting.

17 Mar 23

A Nu way of guidance: Meet the Nu Brand System

A look into the Nu's BrandBook Tool—the interactive platform of Nubank global brand guidelines, built for a new moment of brand maturity.

16 Mar 23

How we have been running a Data Science Journal Club at Nubank since 2019

Here are some of the lessons we learned along the way.

17 Feb 23

How we created Tabs: a new UI for a new financial experience

Most of the time, financial apps are not built for the customer. But, when it comes to Nubank, we're different from everything.

10 Feb 23

What is it like being a Product Operations at Nubank?

A look into the career of a Product Operations at Nubank, the scope of work, and the main differences with other Product positions.

13 Jan 23

Global expansion of Machine Learning Models: how to distribute them as software products?

How Software Engineering has helped us to abstract the domain of Customer Experience in the context of Machine Learning to easily distribute models.

21 Dec 22

NuBolão: How we built Nubank’s first social feature in less than six months

In less than six months, a small team of 6 Software Engineers, 2 Designers, 1 Business Analyst, 1 PM, 1 PMM and 1 Tech Manager built Nubank’s first social feature.

03 Nov 22

How Nubank launched ‘Caixinhas’

Behind the scenes of how we revolutionized the way people save money