Tutz Dias - Senior UX Research at Nubank

Tutz Dias is responsible for UX Research at Transfer Experience Platform in NuConta, helping Nubank to offer the best transfer experience with empathy and transparency. He has a degree in Anthropology from Unileya, and Graphic Design from UNIGRANRIO. He has extensive experience working on design for digital products, services and gamification for several countries all over the world. Before joining Nubank, in 2021, he has worked in companies such as Netcracker and FullLab, and for clients such as Telefonica, Deloitte and Rakuten. Tutz also works as a UI Mentor for CareerFoundry and PretUX, he has photography as a hobby and he's a huge fan of movies and ice cream.

14 Oct 22

What is it like to be an UX Researcher at Nubank?

UX Researcher helps the design and business teams to learn from our clients, and uses this data and knowledge to design the best products.