Nubank is ranked the best company to work with Data in Latin America

This information is from a survey conducted by the Data Hackers community, in partnership with the American consulting firm Bain & Company.

Photo taken on the rooftop of the Nubank office, a very cozy place with big beanbags and lights between the trees. It is possible to see 3 people (and a dog!). They are spread out among the scenery, chatting informally.

Nubank was born to simplify people’s financial lives and give them back control over their money. Our priority is the customer experience: we provide the necessary resources and understand their need to improve constantly by relying on data.

And the result of this data usage model is rewarding for those who work with it on a daily basis:

Nubank was chosen as the most admired company to work with Data in Latin America and the according to the State of Data Brazil 2022 survey, conducted by Data Hackers in partnership with Bain & Company.

Data Hackers is the largest data community in Brazil and Bain & Company is a global strategic consulting firm located in the United States

The survey reflects the perspective of Brazilians professionals from different roles within the Data field, such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer, and also different job experience profiles, including Junior Analysts, Full Analysts, Senior Analysts and Managers.

The study shows how strong our data-driven culture is, how we are perceived by the Data Science community in Brazil, and reinforces our prominence as a technology brand in the market.

We will continue to seek out the best talent so that, together, we can all build strong and diverse teams.

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