What is it like being a Business Analyst at Nubank?

Business Analysts are people passionate about immersing themselves into numbers and helping define the company's next steps. Find out about the daily routine of this career in this article.

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Although every company has its own definitions for their roles, the Business Analyst is generally someone who will help the company solve problems and hypotheses using data.

This is a critical work for a company like Nubank, which is growing rapidly. Today, we have Business Analysts covering several areas in the business, and our team is constantly growing.

In the following article, we will share what the daily routine of this professional is like according to people on the team. 

What does a Business Analyst do at Nubank?

Business Analysts have a large analytical background and can develop structures to solve given problems. They can translate large amounts of numbers and data into strategic decision-making for the business.

Most of this analysis is investigative: what data do I have and what data should I use? If I don’t have the data, what sort of sampling do I need and how do I design it in a way that can answer my questions?

Scope of Work

Generally, the work of a Business Analyst goes through four stages:

  • Structuring the problem;
  • Data analysis in charts and graphs;
  • Decision-making;
  • Monitoring for results and issues.

So, the analyst starts from a problem (already mapped by the team or identified by themselves) or from an idea or hypothesis. From there, they elaborate on how to solve and validate that problem or hypothesis, and eventually work with others to implement a solution.

The result of this process is a decision, that can be linked from limit increase definitions to marketing strategies within a given segment.

Expected Skills

In our team, we have people with very distinct backgrounds, from engineers and mathematicians to economists and lawyers.

You do not need to have a specific background or previous experience working in this position. What is paramount for this position is your analytical skills, business acumen, and good problem-solving skills. In addition, we are always looking for people willing to learn and grow.

What our Business Analysts say:

“At Nubank, I have the opportunity to work with several dimensions of a Business Analyst’s role: I’ve helped develop some new tools, worked closely with software engineers, delved into some credit risk analyses, and developed projects with external partners. It makes me happy to work in an environment where my ideas are heard and I have the opportunity to grow”

– José Lyra

“I have a lot of autonomy. I work with teams willing to teach me daily. In my first project, I built a model to test a new functionality. It was necessary to think about the questions I wanted to answer and how to validate them, so I studied the data and learned how to program. I worked closely with the team to improve communications and kept collecting feedback to fix any bugs that might happen. Every day we have new challenges around here, and that is amazing”

– Beatriz Silvestre

“As Business Analysts, we are encouraged to take risks constantly, through testing and iteration. We learn a lot from our mistakes, and we don’t try to find culprits. We are constantly discussing new ideas, analyses, and challenges. And with so many new products, the opportunities for learning and discovery are endless.”

Guilherme Wunsch

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