Coffee Break and MegaDemo: what the meetings with the entire Nubank team are like

Waiting for the Covid-19 times to pass, we'd like to share these two Nubank events, designed to give employees visibility (in person!) of what is going on in the company.

Two young men speak on stage in front of the Nubank's auditorium

Anyone who begins their journey at Nubank soon starts to see a lot of meeting invitations on their calendar. Two of them are sent to absolutely every employee: Coffee Break and MegaDemo.

What are Coffee Break and MegaDemo?

These are two events attended by all Nubank employees and have similar purposes – although their formats are quite different. Both take place at the Nubank office in São Paulo.

Coffee Break

Nubank Coffee Break: CEO David Vélez talks to employees during the sixth anniversary special Coffee Break.

Every two weeks, Nubankers are invited to the Coffee Break, where we present our main projects and company results. The aim is to give everyone visibility of our objectives, achievements, and visions for the future. During our Coffee Breaks, we also tell our employees the latest Nubank news.

In these events, we officially announced our expansions to Mexico and the engineers’ hub in Argentina in 2019, and the acqui-hire of Plataformatec, the acquisition of Cognitect and Easyinvest, and operations launched in Colombia during 2020, among other stuff.

Everyone who works at Nubank is encouraged to attend our Coffee Breaks. After all, in these meetings, we share essential and strategic information for the company’s future.

The sessions are always broadcast live and made available later on so that anyone can see (or watch again) the video from their desk if they cannot attend. At the end of each meeting, we reserve some time for Nubankers to ask questions, discuss something, and bring new points of view to the debate.

Oh, and there is always something to eat at the end. The snacks are always a great part – not only for the food (which is delicious) but also because it is the perfect situation for everyone to share their impressions on the presentation.


MegaDemos always fill Nubank’s auditorium up.

Like our Coffee Break, MegaDemo is open to all employees. It takes place once a month and lasts one hour. During this period, several teams share exciting projects they are working on, cool results they have achieved, and even things that went wrong.

Each team has only five minutes to speak (under the constant threat of a horn that ousts from the stage whoever exceeds the limit), and the atmosphere is fun and laid back. It is a time to celebrate the teams’ success and promote integration. For an accelerated growth company like Nubank, it is especially important to share the knowledge we gain along the way.

MegaDemo gives people the chance to understand what different areas at Nubank do and, above all, it emphasizes the idea that we must not be afraid of making mistakes.

What are these meetings for?

One of Nubank’s principles is to always seek smart efficiency. It means that things only exist if they have a purpose. Both Coffee Break and MegaDemo are, therefore, designed to be worth the time they take. At the end of the day, the goal is to bring transparency to everyone who works here. After all, in our vision, empowering people is one of the crucial steps to build strong and diverse teams.

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