What is it like being a Content Designer at Nubank?

Content Designers transform complex product concepts and research insights into stories that people can relate to. Check out more about this career!

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Written by: Carla Garcia
Reviewed by: Cristina Luckner

The market has already referred to us as UX writers, content strategists, and, more recently, content designers, which I argue is a better fit. Regardless of the name, the bottom line is we are storytellers with a pretty clear objective: making people’s lives easier through our insights and writing skills. 

The job of a content designer is not about reviewing chunks of text and making them smaller and prettier – although some of us enjoy that too – we are here for the whole product conception and creation. We are here to design! (See what I did there?)          
At Nubank, the design culture is at the core of the business. The company is obsessed with creating great user experiences and that makes it a very favorable environment for us, content designers, to thrive. In this article I will delve into the Content Designer profession — one of the careers within the Nubank’s Design team.

What does a content designer do at Nubank?  

Imagine a dictionary. Although it has lots and lots of words, you probably don’t consider it a book. Even less a good one. The reason behind it is that a dictionary lacks an essential attribute of a book: a narrative or story that gives purpose to the printed words. 

The same logic applies to words on a mobile app or website. Just as the words in a book, they don’t work in isolation. If there is no story, the product is probably not good. If it’s not an integrated part of the end-to-end experience, it won’t make sense. 

Content is the user experience. It’s what brings the product’s personality to life, it’s what causes an emotional connection with people, it’s what creates a relationship and, ultimately, it’s why customers are here with us. 

The most successful products and companies are those where UX Researchers, Content Designers and Product Designers work closely together. This is what we do at Nubank.

Scope of Work

Here at Nubank, Content Design is a discipline within the design chapter. It has a decentralized organization, which means each content designer integrates a different business unit and has its particularities. 

Through collaborative work with product designers, researchers, marketing, and product managers, content designers help to define vocabulary, narrative and the best choice of words for our products, following Nubank’s tone of voice. Content designers are responsible for crafting content that helps people find, understand, and use the product to solve a problem or need. 

The job routine includes activities such as ideation sessions, research, analyzing data, joining meetings, and, of course, writing.  

Expected skills

Our content designers are expected to be able to collaborate effectively across teams and to be actively involved in helping develop new features and products. It is important to have an in-depth understanding of users through the capability of using qualitative and quantitative data to guide decisions and evolve voice and writing guidelines.

What our Content Designers say:

“Working as a Content Designer at Nubank is knowing that every day is a chance to learn something new. The company’s culture provides a safe and healthy space to have autonomy for us to create our work process and do it in a way that works best for the whole team, even if it’s a different process from other squads.”

Lucia Possas, Fanatical Customers BU

“Being a content designer at Nu means working with many challenges from many contexts daily and projects full of proposals and wide perspectives. It’s an opportunity to rethink the content designer job description as a powerful tool of impact and rescue content to the core of the business.”

Karine Lima, Nuconta BU

“I lost count of how many times I’ve heard, ‘Is Ana already onboard on this topic?’ (and, yes, I was). This symbolizes the understanding and expectations over the content design discipline here at Nu: we participate in product discussions, and people expect exactly that from us.”

Ana Clara Bianchi, Insurance BU

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