Analytics Engineering

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Controlinho: Nubank’s answer to democratizing data

From monolithic to microservices: learn how Nubank's Controlinho streamlines data control and enhances reporting.

30 Nov 22

What is it like being an Analytics Engineer at Nubank?

A look into the career of an Analytics Engineer at Nubank, the scope of work and the main expected skills in this field.

25 Mar 22

TGIF: Analytics Engineering’s ritual to boost creativity at Nubank

Maintaining the culture and knowledge of a hyper-growing area can be a challenge. Nubank's Analytics Engineering team found a solution.

06 Oct 21

What is the hiring process like for Analytics Engineers at Nubank?

Learn how Nubank selects candidates for the job of Analytics Engineer and what you need to know to join this team

15 Jul 21

Scaling data analytics with software engineering best practices

Analytical work can greatly benefit from software engineering standards in terms of quality and efficiency, here's how.

09 Apr 21

How we scale our data platform efficiently and reliably

Integrating Analytics Engineers into all cross-functional teams: a key success factor to scale a data platform efficiently and reliably

25 Sep 20

Reinventing Internal Audit by embracing technology

Nubank's approach on Implementing a Continuous Auditing framework.