Data science & Machine Learning

Nubank event in the HQ1

MIA Meetup 2023: a meeting for women in generative AI

Encouraging the presence of women in Data Science and understanding the origins, present and future of generative AI were the objectives of the event

26 Oct 23

With AI, Nubank is pioneering a future of inclusive, personalized financial services

An interview with David Vélez on the role of AI in transforming finance

17 Oct 23

Large Language Models: What are they, how they work, and how to use them?

Empowering machines with language, from training to specialization. Unveiling the magic of Large Language Models.

01 Sep 23

De-risking Real-time ML Projects: Addressing Common Failure Modes

In this post we list practices to substantially reduce the risk of failure in real-time machine learning projects.

12 Jul 23

Monitoring vs Observability: Differences and Usages

The nuances between observability and monitoring are an important compass for navigating modern systems

04 Jul 23

AI at Nubank: how one of the largest digital banks in the world uses artificial intelligence

First, align the vision and where you want to get. Then, just try to make things happen!

27 Jun 23

Dealing with Train-serve Skew in Real-time ML Models: A Short Guide

A short guide explaining how to avoid and mitigate the impacts of train-serve skew in realtime ML models.