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NuStories: Tailoring products for fanatical customers in various countries

The ethos of “solving sharp pains” and staying agile to local needs isn’t just about the now; it’s a legacy

18 Aug 23

A “Wicked Problem”: UX Research and the continuous search for framing the problem at Nubank

Complexity and importance of understanding the problem, a task often more important than finding a solution.

30 May 23

Designing Shuffle, the internal tool that powers Nubank’s award-winning customer service

A walk-through of the different techniques we used to define and prioritize some of the biggest pain points of our customer support team.

24 Feb 23

A new look at personas: how UX combined with Data can help in the product funnel

How we brought our product team closer to our customers to start the relationship we want to have with them.

27 Jan 23

Design experiences based on storytelling: Nubank’s framework

Do you want to know how to create a great design experience? Learn from Cris Luckner, NuConta's Design Manager.

14 Dec 22

What is It like being a Product Designer at Nubank?

Product Designers are responsible for designing solutions that leave a positive impact using thorough understanding of the clients' and the business's needs. Check out more about this career:

21 Nov 22

What is it like being a Content Designer at Nubank?

Content Designers transform complex product concepts and research insights into stories that people can relate to. Check out more about this career!