Tools to run a UX Research synthesis workshop remotely

A step-by-step on how to create a knowledge base, set up a conference room and a board of activities for a remote workshop with your team.

20 Jan 20

The Benefits of Writing, especially as a Designer

The look&feel of a certain product has intuitions and discoveries behind. These are my personal reflections about putting ideas on the 'paper'.

18 Aug 19

How skateboarding influences the way I work

An unconventional approach for an unconventional job as a product designer at Nubank.

11 Jul 19

My first month as the new UX Researcher in a 40-people design team

How onboarding at Nubank set me up for a more collaborative research process

04 Feb 19

Why we have a research plan at Nubank

Or how to build a clear vision of what you should be studying

05 Nov 18

Listening to user feedback in an engaged community of users

Learning how to make the most of our customers' requests.

05 Sep 18

Launching Nubank’s digital bank account

How our culture inspired the visual identity of the launch event.