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Two mobiles with Nubank's app opened, unified by a green line. How to create a security strategy based on customer’s trust

How to create a security strategy based on customer’s trust

Cyber security is no longer a concern reserved to the IT field. Financial institutions are embedding safety into the business.

24 Jun 22

“At Nubank, engineers understand the power of engineering”

VP of Engineering Lindsey Bleimes talks about Nubank’s Engineering Principles as a catalyst of everyday decisions and the job opportunities in Latam for engineers from all over the world.

01 Jun 22

6 questions from a CTO to a CEO

Nubank's Chief of Technology Officer Matt Swann invited Nubank's CEO David Vélez for a conversation to share some thoughts about the importance of tech professionals roles.

26 May 22

Nubank’s Engineering Principles: interview with Edward Wible

“I don't necessarily worry about whether people are always talking about us, as long as they wouldn’t want to live without us”, says co-founder Edward Wible.

26 Apr 22

Data Scientist x Machine Learning Engineer Roles: How are they different? How are they alike?

Nubank's take on how these two roles interact and how each plays a key part in a successful team.

19 Apr 22

Artificial intelligence applied to financial services

New tools will soon create more value based on transactional data intelligence, supporting innovative companies to generate insights about customer patterns and journeys for their benefit.

13 Apr 22

Reinventing IT & Cyber Risk Management in the financial market

Diversity leads Nubank's IT Risk team to challenge the traditional way to deal with technological risks through a multidisciplinary approach.