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The Hammock’s third episode: journeys in code, Clojure, Datomic, and personal growth

A deep dive into Episode 3 of ‘The Hammock’ podcast with Enzzo Cavallo: from the dynamics of Clojure to the intricacies of Datomic and beyond

05 Jul 23

Personal growth, problem-solving and more: delving deep into The Hammock’s second episode

Exploring the career growth journey at Nubank, where technical expertise merges with personal development.

15 May 23

Clojure Conj 2023 Highlights

After ten previous editions, Nubank hosted the Clojure Conj for the first time. Check the highlights!

09 May 23

My transition from native iOS developer to being able to face any challenge

Facing fears and becoming vulnerable by being a beginner again. Those are two of the challenges in career transitions. What did I gain in the process?

04 Apr 23

A stylish debut: Nubank’s new tech podcast invites Vitor Olivier, the company CTO

Find out what happened on the first episode of The Hammock by Building Nu here!

31 Mar 23

Engineer Onboarding at Nubank

How does Nubank onboard engineers so fast and so well, with such a different stack? Find more information in this article

28 Mar 23

Functional programming with Clojure: why and how does Nubank use it and scale so well?

What are the benefits and advantages that made us choose such a different programming language?