Behind the scenes: get to know Nubank headquarters in São Paulo and beyond

Our workspaces reflect the values of the company: being efficient and thinking and acting like owners. (These are the environments we miss so much during our home office phase in 2020.)

People working iin sofas surrounded by plants.

Despite being a digital company, the Nubank Group has always had a physical address. It is true that the face of our office has changed quite a bit over the years: we started in a small house, then we moved to a small commercial building, and now, among four other spots around the city, our headquarters occupy an eight-story building in the heart of one of the most commercial areas of São Paulo, Brazil.

All these offices have something in common: the focus of our team to always create a space that reflects who we are.

Nubank Group believes in “smart efficiency” – being smart intelligently; building strong and diverse teams; and challenging the status quo. These are some of the values that we take with us to all places, whether at the headquarters in Brazil, at the engineering office in Berlin, at the talent hub in Buenos Aires or at the team’s facilities in Mexico City.

On March 12th, 2020, due to Covid-19 pandemia, Nubank Group decided all Nubankers went to work from home. Anyhow, as we feel proud about our offices, and also know that every person that crosses that door in São Paulo immediately fell in love (or at least is gripped by surprise and curiosity), let us show our house!

A tour around Nubank Group headquarters

The San Pablo offices house the vast majority of the more than 2,700 Nubank Group employees. The headquarters was inaugurated in January 2016 at the corner of Rua Capote Valente and Avenida Rebouças, in the São Paulo district of Pinheiros

The cubicle architecture with a yellow and black facade, with eight floors, was devised by the Dal Pian Arquitetos studio.

“The building is conceived as a single cube volume internally perforated by a continuous void -the projects explains-, which brings light and ventilation into the interior. The common areas of the program, such as the reception, the theater foyer and collective circulations, are located surrounding this central void. This multiplicity of spaces permeated by gardens provides its users with varied perspectives and playful visions of the internal building events.”

The first floor of the main building has a space open to visitors: we have free wifi, a cafeteria and a pool of purple balls that is usually quite popular to relax, work and take pictures. It is a kind way that we find to receive customers who want to visit us and get to know up close how our routine works.

On this floor there are also two event spaces: the Auditorium and the Day One room. In addition to our team meetings, these two rooms were also created to host external events with guests.

One of the meetings we usually host is the Machine Learning Meetups, an event created to help exchange experiences and knowledge among professionals in the technology community, highly appreciated by the Nubank Group team.

On a day-to-day basis, Day One is also our kitchen and a space to relax: the room has a pool table, table tennis, video games. Like all Nu common areas, Day One is a shared space, that is, we are all responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and upkeep of the place.

Going up the elevators (or the stairs), there are the work areas of the different teams or squads. The Nubank Group headquarters has eight open, spacious and welcoming floors, which favor creativity and co-creation dynamics within the team. The work tables are shared, but everyone is free to take their place as they wish.

It is important to say that, more than a working trend, our choice for this open office model has to do with transparency. Nu was born to challenge the status quo -bureaucracy and slowness of big banks. We do not follow the same models of customer service, product development and much less team structure.

But, of course, we also value privacy and we have more reserved rooms, such as the lactation space (for moms with young children), the Zen space (which can be reserved for those who want a few minutes of tranquility), and the library.

All employees can order new books from the Nubank Group – the only rule is to read them and then leave the copies in the library for those who also want to leaf through them.

Whoever reaches the top of our office takes advantage of the view of the city, sitting on the beach chairs. The terrace is one more convivial area, ideal for practicing sports and happy hours.

Finally, it is important to say that having an office with graffiti walls, colored sofas and video games is not a goal in itself. Our goal is to have an environment that translates and reinforces our values. A place that strengthens our teams and favors our mission, which is to help make people’s financial lives easier.

The Tech Hub in Berlin

Many of our teams work is analyzing large databases that help us make the best decisions for our clients -be it developing a product, mapping a new challenge or better understanding how people use our services.

And that’s where our Berlin office in Germany comes in. Located in the Kreuzberg district, known for its art scene, near the Temperhofer Feld – a public park that used to be a Berlin garrison parade ground – and the overwhelming Jewish Museum, the Nubank Group’s Talent Hub was opened at the end of 2017.

In Berlin, we have the Nubank Data Infrastructure Area -a working group (or squad) dedicated to maintaining a data platform to allow all other Nu teams to do their analysis in the best possible way.

The data infrastructure team does not create models that analyze new premises, or answer questions: we create the tools so that other engineers, Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, for example, can create or run their own models autonomously.

Why Berlin?

The city is a hub for events, companies and research in data processing – and it is also a central point that gives easy access to other cities in Europe. Being in Berlin makes our team very close to the news that can have a direct impact on the way we work and, consequently, on the products we offer.

In addition, having offices in Berlin allows us to attract more talent and also give Nubank Group engineers other career opportunities – such as having the experience of working in Europe.

The office in Ciudad de México 

In May 2019, the Nubank Group opened its first commercial offices outside Brazil, more precisely in Mexico City. In February 2020, we launched our first product for the Mexicans, a credit card with no commissions or annuity fee.

Nu Mexico offices, situated in Polanco neighbourhood -nearby the impressive National Museum of Antropology, the enormous Chapultepec Forest and three of the 50 Best Restaurants in Latam- 80 professionals working to provide the best experience product and customer service wise. Not only Mexicans and Brazilian works there, but also people from Malta, France, Italy and the US.

In business terms, the local Nu credit card was built by listening to the Mexican consumer, addressing major pain points. The Nu Mexico app has real-time notifications, virtual cards, card lock / unlock, expense limit setting and payment date selection. The application time lasts only 3 minute. Our customer service is available 24/7 by phone, mail, chat or social media.

Why México?

The opportunity to change the Mexican ecosystem is great: (a) Mexico has an adult population of 93 millions; the average population in Mexico is 28 years old; (b) there is a 62% penetration of smartphones; (c) 36 millions in Mexico is unbanked; and (d) 10% of its population has a credit card.

In fact, today there are only 3,460 credit cards in the country for every 10,000 adults. The challenge and opportunity to democratize the financial system, building for Mexicans a wonderful user experience, without commissions or complications, that provides security and greater control of their money, are very great.

The Talent Hub in Buenos Aires 

Since mid 2019, we’ve been recruiting the best local talent in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in order to contribute to the whole of Nubank through the development of products and technology.

What does a Talent Hub do? A Nubanker in the Argentina office can work not only from start to finish, creating products from scratch, but also supporting the company in other existing projects in other geographies, optimizing services, helping launch new countries and expand the brand internationally, among others. 

The offices are located in Núñez neighborhood, in a superb building inaugurated in 2020, nearby the River Plate Stadium, the Palermo Woods (the runners’ spot in the city!) and pretty close to the northern outskirts, where to relax and sail the Tigre Delta during weekends.

Culturally speaking, we are founding an open collaborative and diverse environment. With almost 50 Argentinian and Brazilian Nubankers, we are building a strong cross-functional and high performing team. 

Currently, the team is integrated by a wide variety of profiles coming from business and marketing backgrounds to data scientists and software engineers. Evidently, as a tech company, we have a large percentage of engineers! (If you grasp some Spanish, read these sweet stories of engineers in Nu Argentina’s blog!)

Why Argentina?

Everything we do at Nubank follows our core purpose of fighting complexity to empower people, we want to reinvent financial services to liberate our customers from their complexity in their daily lives. To pursue this dream we must combine talent with technology. 

In that sense, Argentina is considered to be the home of top tech talent in Latin America and also for global tech hubs, like the ones of companies as Mulesoft, Medallia, Rappi, ASSA (ML), Eventbrite, McAffee, Accenture or J.P. Morgan.

Actually, Argentina has ranked #1 in Technology, #22 in Data Science and #25 in Business talent on the Coursera world ranking. All cases are far above any other country in Latin America. 

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