Joining Nubank: how we transformed our recruiting process

Nubank's search for great candidates hasn't stopped during the COVID-19 unprecedented situation. Tips we've learned going fully remote.

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Nubank’s search for great candidates hasn’t stopped during the worldwide quarantine during 2020, but we were quick to adjust prioritizing the safety of our candidates and employees.

As a tech company, Nubank has the flexibility and resources to continue its activities remotely without affecting the continuity of our services, so we stuck to our core values and put the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, and candidates first, moving our recruiting process to be 100% remote. 

This change has been raising many questions about how it is like to have a hiring process fully remote and how is it possible to deliver the same quality of interactions as we had onsite. That is why we decided to share our initiatives and significant changes that made our remote process work well.

Although Nubank is prepared for this moment and confident about emerging from this in good shape, we are also learning. We are reviewing our processes and creating new things every day to make sure that we’re doing what’s best four our talent community and new hires.

Our Remote Hiring Process

Like any other recruiting process, everything begins by applying or being actively asked to join our process for a specific job position. From then on, you will get in touch with one of our recruiters and begin your journey to get to know us better and share with us who you are.

At Nubank, we understand that not every hiring process is the same, yet, we aspire to provide a fantastic experience to everyone who wants to join us, so even if each job position has a unique process, in all of them you will be in close contact with one of our Candidate Experiences and a Recruiter.

They will be able to give all the information you need and clarify all your doubts. They also will be the ones who will contact you beforehand to schedule the best date and time to talk.

Once scheduled, they will send you an email invite with a link for you to access our virtual interview room, and in the set date and time, you’ll be joined by one or more interviewers from their virtual location. 

We want you to feel welcomed by our team and make sure you enjoy this time with us despite the distance. Feel free to ask questions and interact with our interviewers as if you were in one of our offices.


Here are the main interactions you will have during your hiring journey, while these stages compose most of our hiring journey. Please note that we can add additional steps if needed.


Depending on which roles we are considering you for, we typically start with a virtual call with a Recruiter. We’ll have questions to ask and certainly bring yours. We want you to understand as much about the role and Nubank as possible. Based on the quality of the interaction, you will have opportunities to virtually meet members of the Chapter and Business Unit, which fits best.

Virtual onsite

While we cannot invite you to meet our offices at this time, we have moved our onsite stage to a virtual setting. You’ll meet with a larger group of people and present your best work, whether it’s a case presentation or a coding exercise interview sent to you before the set date.

There will also be the opportunity to have a meaningful interaction with one of our leaders to access how your past experiences might translate to Nubank’s culture, work, and organization.

Our tools of choice

The tools we use for remote interviews at Nubank are Hangouts and Zoom. In both cases, you’ll have access to a link to join the virtual interview room (it will be available on your interview invite). Please note, if you access them on your phone, you might have to download the app.

We strongly advise you to use a laptop or desktop computer for all technical interviews in which you’re expected to show your code or slide presentation. In these cases, we’ll let you know in advance the tools we’re going to use and what you’re expected to present.

Our remote process tips 

  • Feel free to try the virtual interview room (Zoom or Hangouts) beforehand. This way, you can have a chance to get familiar with it.
  • If possible, in the date and time of your interview, join the virtual room a few minutes earlier.
  • Make sure you are in a quiet place with a stable internet connection before you enter the call. If possible, wear earphones/headphones to improve sound quality.
  • If you have connectivity issues, don’t worry, internet issues can happen to anyone (including our interviewers).
  • If the interviewers get disconnected, wait for a few minutes, they are probably trying to rejoin the room. If it’s not possible, check your email/phone, they will reach out through other channels.
  • If there’s an issue with the platform, your interviewer might suggest changing to another, and they’ll make sure you know how to connect to it.
  • If you’re having internet issues, we might recommend stopping your video to reduce bandwidth consumption. If that doesn’t work, we might also suggest another tool or eventually rescheduling the interview. This won’t affect the outcome of your process in any way. We promise! 🙂

Please remember: we know these are unprecedented times, and we’re in unexpected situations, so we don’t mind if your dog barks, your child enters the room, shows up in the video, or you have to answer any external requests!

Our Office Remote Tour

All Nubankers are working from home, and all activities across all of our offices are suspended until further notice. Therefore we will be providing virtual tours and videos of our offices where you can meet the place where Nubankers are doing their best career’s work. 

We put together this playlist on our Youtube channel with videos about our culture, lifestyle, and our headquarters in São Paulo so you can see yourself being part of our team. You can also check out this video with all our global offices to get familiar: 


As soon as it is safe to go back, we will take you on an onsite tour and show you all our favorite spots and great locations, but for now, we are here to answer any questions you may have. There are no silly questions – a frequently asked one is if we have coffee at all times, and don’t worry, the answer is yes!

Our Virtual Onboarding

Just like our recruiting process, our onboarding is happening entirely remotely. Once you accept our offer letter, our Admissions team will reach you to begin your process and prepare you to start working with us. We’ll make sure you have everything needed to set you up for success while working from home.

Our Onboarding team has been working hard to give our Nuvinhos the best experience. Once you are all set up, you’ll engage in a full week of content to deep-dive into Nubank’s culture, teams, and projects, where you will be able to connect with other newcomers and get the feeling of what Nubank is all about. Once this is over, you will begin working with your squad and be able to support you in everything you need.

Remote Hiring FAQ

  • What is Nubank doing to provide a safe environment for employees at this time?

Health and wellbeing for all Nubankers are a top priority with all of our roles and offices. We are working with our in-house medical and health experts to take all recommended precautions to keep people healthy. Nubank is a technology company with the flexibility and infrastructure to work remotely, guaranteeing the security levels and outstanding customer services we are known for. To name just a few, we’ve taken measures to promote social distancing in the workplace and take on enhanced and frequent cleaning.

  • Can I work for Nubank even if there is a Curfew/Shelter-in-place order in my city?

Yes, you can work for Nubank anywhere at this time. Nubank remains open as an essential product to serve our communities, and in case you join, we already have remote onboarding practices in place, as well as relocation planning for when the time comes, as we are not a fully remote company yet.

  • What is Nubank doing to help employees during the COVID-19 crisis?

All Nubank employees are currently working from the safety of their homes, where we’ve provided the structure they need to feel comfortable during these times. Apart from supporting specific needs such as office chairs, monitors, and an improving internet connection, Nubank also has a 100% toll-free psychological, financial, and legal support anonymous line.

  • How is Nubank’s business going in the middle of this situation?

As a technology company, Nubank has the flexibility and resources to continue its activities remotely without affecting the continuity of services. We have been able to answer our clients, keeping our outstanding levels of customer excellence.

As we go through unprecedented times, Nubank has destined R$ 20 million to support customers, providing a series of products and services through our customer services for those affected by the crisis and reduced interest in credit installments.

Another advantage of being a technology company is that we are built to be adaptable and flexible. Nubank was born in 2013, amidst a recession, and even in that scenario, we were able to grow and become the largest independent neobank in the world.

Our mindset has always been to challenge the status quo and differ from what other traditional banks were doing, which gives us leverage when it comes to changing the way we work to fit unexpected situations.

  • Is Nubank going full remote once COVID-19 is under control?

The health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, and candidates is our number one priority, which is why we were one of the first companies in Latin America to go to a remote setup previous to the recommendation from health authorities and quickly adapted to the situation in a matter of 24 hours. Once this situation is under control, we have every hope and expectation that we will go back to our offices.

For us, the environment and the energy we have in our offices is something that can’t be compared and makes Nubank what it is; it creates an atmosphere that reflects our culture and values and drives us to develop better connections with each other.

Nevertheless, we are learning a lot from this situation, and there are valuable lessons that we are going to keep for the future. We’ve been able to perfect our remote structure and ability to work in different physical environments. We also will be able to be more flexible when hiring. For example, if candidates and new hires can’t visit our offices during interviews and onboardings, we can offer virtual experiences for both.

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