Culture & Values

Visual assets that represents nubankers

NuStories: Tailoring products for fanatical customers in various countries

The ethos of “solving sharp pains” and staying agile to local needs isn’t just about the now; it’s a legacy

13 Sep 23

NuStories: embracing transitions to own your career journey

Let's delve into the journeys of three Nubankers who embody our core values every step of the way.

26 Jun 23

Team Management from Engineering Managers perspective

One of our core values from day one is to intentionally create strong and diverse teams through our leaders

22 Mar 23

How decision-making works at Nubank

First, align the vision and where you want to get. Then, just try to make things happen!

15 Feb 23

About fathers and daughters: my experience with Nubank’s parental leave

If your company talks about diversity but doesn't discuss equal parental leave, it's time to start.

31 Aug 22

How does parental leave work at Nubank?

Going beyond maternity leave helps fight gender inequality, encourages family bonds, and creates a safer environment for professionals with children.

05 Aug 22

Nu Way of Working: Nubank’s new hybrid work model

The Nu Way of Working is our hybrid work model that was created so people could collaborate more in person and still keep the flexibility of remote work. Check out how it will work.