Matt Swann is Nubank’s new CTO

With 25 years of experience leading technology companies, Matt Swann joins Nubank to continue accelerating our innovation pace.

Matt Swann is Nubank's new CTO (April 2021)

Nubank is a technology company born to give people back control over their financial lives. We create products and services that are easy to use, without bureaucracy, and have incredible customer service.

Over the past few years, Nubank has grown at an accelerated rate – actually, it was a hyper-growth. In 2020, more than 36,000 people became Nubank customers each day, and we reached a total of 35 million users of the purple products.

In addition to operations in Brazil, we also launched our credit card in Mexico and Colombia and opened engineering offices in Argentina, Germany, and the United States.

In short: a lot is going on here – and we know that there’s more to do. That is why we are happy to welcome a new talent that joins the Nubank team!

Matt Swann, our new Chief Technology Officer

With 25 years of experience leading Software and Product Engineering teams at companies like Amazon and Booking, Matt Swann arrives at Nubank to continue innovatively accelerating our growth.

“Matt brings a huge breadth of experience across technical domains and at a scale that very few leaders have seen globally. I’m excited to welcome Matt to strengthen our team and help us navigate our current complexity and the challenges to come for our system and organization”, says Edward Wible,  Nubank’s co-founder and current CTO.

Our co-founder Edward Wible, until today Nubank’s CTO, assumes the direction of Technological Platforms and can return to contribute more directly with the company’s systems and infrastructure – an old personal wish.

For his part, Matt says that “being the CTO of such a promising company, especially with the mission of continuing the fantastic work of someone as brilliant as Ed, really made the difference for me to join Nubank”.

“The company’s culture -Matt continues-, so firmly anchored in the customer, with solid values, a great mission, and the opportunity for tech to truly disrupt the space were big factors that influenced this career move.”

Matt Swann answers

Below, see three questions for Matt Swann, new CTO of Nubank.

1. Why did you decide to join Nubank?

— Becoming CTO of a company as promising as Nubank, even more with the mission of continuing the fantastic work of a professional like Ed (Edward Wible), was decisive for my choice. The company’s culture, strongly aligned to improve millions of people’s financial lives, was also a factor that attracted me to this opportunity.

2. You’ve been working closely with the financial services industry for a while. Can you share your views on how technology has changed it? 

— Technology powers the very underpinning of financial transactions – it has changed how we manage and move money, it provides additional fraud detection and security, and introduces concepts like cryptocurrency.

Technology has empowered people and the industry by increasing our financial data visibility in real-time with a better customer experience. It adds automation,  simplifies tasks, and predictive intelligence helps everyone make better decisions.

Technology also produces cost savings that can be passed on to customers through better products and pricing, a real differentiator for companies like Nubank.

3. Which challenges are you most excited about at Nubank?

— First and foremost, I’m excited to help guide the company through hyper-growth. At this stage, the CTO role is a job in understanding the business strategy and translating that into a clear direction for technology while creating an environment that allows the team to achieve great things. For the first 90 days, I intend to spend much of my time with people to listen and learn.

From my conversations with the team, three significant areas stand out;

  1. Further invest in our engineering talent strategy to be a place that continues to hire talented people who want to build great things, that people can develop their careers, and that champions diversity & inclusion. 
  2. Improve the current and future definition of our technology platform and its architecture to ensure we get the proper leverage, scale, and continue to build something we’re incredibly proud of. 
  3. Partner with the business to evolve our ways of working and improve the end-to-end delivery cycle including improving transparency and rigor around capacity planning, prioritization and decision making. 

Solving for each of these challenges is exciting because I’ve seen how powerful the positive impact can be when done well and, more importantly, the adverse effects if not.

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