Nubank’s brand new face: get to know our new logo

A slightly different purple, softer curves in our logo and a brand that is more representative of our phase. Get to know how we got here.

Young man with beard and tattooes on his hands smiles while holding a Nubank purple card

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Nubank was born out of a sense of unrest: in the midst of a bureaucratic financial system, full of absurd rates and with terrible customer service, we believed that we could change the rules of the game and reinvent the relationship between people and their money.

We did this by looking at the faces behind the numbers – in other words, understanding people’s real needs and translating them into easy-to-use products, without abusive tariffs and with incredible customer service.

Eight years passed and that same restless spirit made us challenge ourselves and evolve to keep improving. After a purple card, came an account, loans, SME account, life insurance, entering the Mexican and Colombian markets, investments and so much more.

Now, the time has come for our brand to evolve too: on this May 17th, we reveal our new logo and some additional changes that reflect our journey, our maturity and the great things that still lie ahead.

The Nubank logo marked not only our history, but that of our customers. It became a symbol of possibilities for a better life, with fairer and more human relations between people and companies. It is part of the daily lives of over 38 million people. So of course it was used as the basis for this evolution.

The curves that form “nu” are now smoother and less square, bringing our human side. The fluidity has also changed a bit – it’s like two ribbons are being turned, representing a movement that never stops, in the same way that we never stop evolving. The colours gave the letters a greater weight, making reading more accessible and representing our more mature products. All of this translates to what matters most: our closeness to people.

We also made a slight change in the shade of our purple, in addition to some adjustments that will make our app even easier to use. In the coming months, these changes will appear on all of our channels: app, website, social networks, blog, e-mail and all the other means we use to communicate.

We remain restless, reinventing ourselves to make Nubank something even better for people: a platform of financial solutions that helps you control your money and become your best version.

After all, financial life is just that: life. Your life, your rules. And with us by your side, always helping.

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