Nu Game Changers 1: how Nubank employees are part of our story

In this new web series, meet some Nubankers -old and new- that change the game and help build an even better Nubank and products in Latin America.

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Let’s explain why we are honoring are Nu Game Changers at Nubank.

Over these eight years of existence, Nubank has come a long way. It started only in Brazil as an innovative financial institution that offers products that are easy to use and fully controlled through a mobile app.

Today, we are a company with operations in Mexico and Colombia as well, changing the relationship people have with money throughout Latin America and offering several products with an incredible experience for our customers.

And nobody builds anything alone. From the beginning, in 2013, until now, in 2021, we have relied on Nubankers – as we call our team members – to achieve these ambitious goals. They are the professionals behind everything we do, every product we launch, and who challenge the status quo every day to build the Nubank of the future.

Series web Nu Game Changers

So we decided to share some of these people’s stories. In the web series Nu Game Changers, you will learn a little more about working at Nubank and being part of the purple revolution we promote in the financial market.

In five episodes, we’ll meet Nubankers from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Germany, and see how each of them has been helping to build the Nubank we know today.

See some excerpts from the testimonials of three Nubankers.

Nu Game Changers speak: Vitor

Vitor Olivier, VP of Operations and Platforms, one of the first employees and who helped build several areas of Nubank:

“Being a Nu Game Changer is being someone who dares to do something that has never been done, who has the courage to challenge decisions, to look at the problem from different angles, and to challenge oneself and go beyond; someone who looks for constant evolution.” 

Nu Game Changers speak: Liciane

Liciane Andreatta, Engineering Director, who became a Nubanker just over 1 year ago and is part of the PJ Account (a business account) team:

“I help improve the lives of small entrepreneurs in Brazil. With the PJ Account, we allow them access to decent and fair financial products, which motivates me. Using engineering to help solve real people’s problems is what makes sense for me. Nobody changes the world alone, but we all have a chance to change things around us.” 

Nu Game Changers speak: Alessandro

And Alessandro Bertucci, International Operations Manager, who started working in the Brazil office about five years ago and is now responsible for implementing Nu’s customer service team in Mexico:

“My most memorable stories refer to how much we, being from the service team, added to the other teams. It was always very rewarding when engineers and product managers, for example, came to us so that we could help develop or improve something. After all, we were always on the front line, in direct contact with the customer. We saw their pain up close.” 

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Below, check out the full first episode of the Nu Game Changers web series.

Nu Game Changers – Episode 1. Captions in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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