Nu Game Changers 2: humanized customer service and WOWs that made history

In the second episode of the web series about our teams, Nubankers share stories of outstanding service interactions.

The image and logo of Game Nu Changers 2, a we series about Nubankers by Nubank.

Having incredible customer service is one of the pillars of Nubank and has already earned us several awards. Our Xpeers (as we call our customer service team) are always willing to help customers in whatever way is necessary so that, in addition to having their questions answered, they feel heard and leave the interaction feeling delighted. That’s about Nu Game Changers 2.

This humanized service often results in us sending WOWs, which are Nubank gifts sent whenever there is an important conversation or connection between our service team and the customer. WOWs are a way to highlight these moments.

In Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, the feeling is the same: seeking to help and make a difference in the lives of customers who contact Nubank.

In the second episode of the Nu Game Changers web series, you can check out stories that connect Nubankers and customers.

Watch here the first episode of the web series: “Nu Game Changers 1: how Nubank employees are part of our history

Below, see some excerpts from the testimonials.

Nu Game Changers: Hana

Hana Domingues, Operations Manager in the Logistics team, has been in Nubank for 3 years. In 2019, she had the opportunity to travel to Rio de Janeiro and deliver a WOW in person to a customer she had helped over the phone. In Nu Game Changers 2, she says things like this:

“Delighting the customer is not just about sending a gift, but being able to respond quickly, with patience, and help people. For me, being a Nu Game Changer is an honor. It’s believing that my story inspires Nubank to continue with its culture and values. Nubank gives us the opportunity to change someone’s day – which often means changing ours too.”

Nu Game Changers: Lucía

Lucía Acosta, Social Media Team Leader in Nu Mexico, joined Nu three months ago. Since then, she has helped send out 60 WOWs to customers across the country in just two weeks. Part of Nu Game Changers 2, Lucía expresses herself as it follows:

“On September 16, Mexico’s Independence Day is celebrated and we used that date to carry out an action with our customers. We sent gifts to 60 people with whom we had a connection, celebrating the revolution and financial independence they are experiencing by using the Nu credit card.”

Watch the video of this action here.

Nu Game Changers: Johan

Johan Moyano is one of the Xpeers responsible for WOWs in Colombia and was involved in the first time a gift was delivered to a customer in his country. An ever enthusiastic Nubanker at Nu Game Changers 2, he remembers:

“During the interaction, which was super fun, Santiago [the customer] commented that he had two cats and sent us photos of them. That’s when we decided to surprise him. We sent toys, a box for the cats, and a handwritten letter. When he received it, he made several posts on his social networks, because he had never had an experience like this with any other financial institution. It was a historic moment.”

Watch the second episode in full:

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