Nu Game Changers 3: the role of technology in Nubank products

Learn about the work and history of some people from the engineering team who help develop Nubank's products in Latin America.

The image and logo of Game Nu Changers 3, a we series about Nubankers by Nubank.

Technology is a fundamental part of Nubank. We were born digital, and offering products that are easy to use, fairly priced, and that make people’s lives uncomplicated has always been – and will continue to be – part of our mission. In Nu Game Changers 3, the third episode of this web series, you’ll meet some of the engineers behind how our products work.

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Below, check out some excerpts from the interviews.

Nu Game Changers 3: Pato Rocca

Pato Rocca is an international engineering leader and has been with Nubank for just over 2 years. Since he arrived, he has accompanied the internationalization of teams to support the launch of Nu products in Mexico and Colombia. In Nu Game Changers 3 video, he says:

“In 20 years in the job market, it’s the first time I have worked in a company with a culture like Nu’s. The environment is light, and it’s a pleasure to help customers have an easier life. I feel fulfilled and part of the growth of Nubank, which has become an impactful global institution.”

Nu Game Changers 3: Francisco Hernández

Francisco Hernández, Lead Software Engineer and one of the first engineers to work at Nu Mexico. Part of Nu Game Changers 3, he expresses himself like this:

“Once, still in my old job, I came to Brazil for work and, when I went out to dinner one night, I noticed that most people paid with this card, which they called roxinho. I asked: ‘It is certainly the largest card operator from Brazil, right?’ And they told me: ‘It’s the coolest in Brazil.’ And that made me want to be part of this company. When Nu arrived in Mexico, I had no hesitation, and I applied.”

Nu Game Changers 3: Layne Granados

Layne Granados has been at Nu Colombia for almost 2 years and was one of the first engineers to join our team in the country.

“Our mission is to enable people to actually be able to make payments. That’s why I see the importance of my work at Nu. Being part of the team behind operations is fantastic. Starting a project from scratch is one of the most amazing and important things we can do.”

Nu Game Changers 3: Isabela Gonçalves

Isabela Gonçalves, at Nubank for almost 6 years, is responsible for supporting the engineering teams and has the opportunity to accompany the company’s growth in Brazil and the expansion to other countries. Now in Game Changers 3 episode, she remembers:

“In the beginning, engineers and the customer service team, for example, sat next to each other. It’s amazing how we grew without putting aside the quality and voice of the customer. I feel very honored, supported, and recognized for my journey here.”

Watch the full third episode:

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