Nu Game Changers 4: Experiences that delight beyond products

In this fourth episode of the web series about working at Nubank, Joyce and Santiago share details of some of the high-impact projects that create connections with our clients.

Nubank’s mission is to make people’s financial lives easier. And this goes beyond offering easy-to-use products without bureaucracy. We always seek to delight our customers – and not just in the service we provide. Inside our company, we have many areas dedicated to making this a reality every day.

In this episode, you will learn the story of two employees involved in projects that help create connections and experiences that go beyond the use of our products and services.

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Below, see excerpts from their testimonies at N u Game Changers 4, which reflect what we mean.

Nu Game Changers 4: Joyce Alfonso

Joyce Afonso is a journalist and joined Nubank in December 2020. She is a Content Writer and works creating articles, videos, and pieces that help people improve their relationships with money. She was recently involved in producing the first special on unemployment published here on the Blog. Part of Nu Game Changers 4, she proclaims:

“A lot of how Nubank reaches people is through my work. My role is to empower people, our readers, to make the best financial and life decisions through our content, written in a light, less bureaucratic, and accessible language. I am a black woman, naturally with a more sensitive perspective of certain situations, and I try to sprinkle that in my daily life. In other words, doses of diversity, inclusion… The more people who see themselves in me arrive at Nubank, the more efficient we will be in our communication.”

Nu Game Changers 4: Santiago Eastman

Santiago Eastman, Nubanker for almost two years, was Nu’s first Product Designer at Nu Colombia and one of those responsible for the idea and execution of the welcome kit for new customers in the country. At Nu Game Changers 4, he explains the idea behind it:

“We wanted to connect with our customers in a different way and that’s why we decided to innovate. We brought together the past, the future, and art. Inside the box [the Welcome Kit for Colombia], we placed a coin, representing a means of payment that is no longer as common, the Nu card and an art piece by Colombian artist Ledania, symbolizing what is current and modern. Around 50,000 kits were sent out to customers. People were surprised and to this day we still receive thank you messages.”

Check out Nu Game Changers 4, fourth episode of the web series about Nubankers’ jobs.

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