Nu Game Changers 5: Engineering and Data Science in Product Development

In the fifth – and final – episode of the web series about working at Nubank, learn how engineering and data science help us develop simpler, more efficient solutions without high fees.

Drawing of a person sat over the world with a laptop. Nu Game Changers 5: Engineering and Data Science in Product Development

Allowing more and more people to have access to fairer and less bureaucratic credit and financial products – This has been Nubank’s mission since its creation in 2013. And what we essentially present at Nu Game Changers 5.  

All areas are, in some way, involved in achieving that goal. And the software engineering and data science teams are at the heart of the business, developing scalable, safe, and 100% digital solutions.

Below, a data scientist and a software engineer who are part of our team and Nu Game Changers 5 video share how technology is closely tied to Nubank.

Nu Game Changers 5: Welberth Nascimento

Welberth Nascimento is a data scientist and joined Nubank about 1 year ago. Part of his job is to create models that help Nu better understand, in an ethical, responsible, and safe way, the needs of customers who use our products.

“Recently, I was part of the development of a new business model for the loans area. It was a time-consuming process and involved a lot of people, but it is very rewarding. We are expanding, improving, and adapting the products to our customers. This way, we can serve more people and with more efficiency.”

Nu Game Changers 5: Antoine Chesnais

Antoine Chesnais has worked at Nu’s office in Berlin, Germany, since 2018, and was one of the company’s first engineers to work with the programming language Clojure.

“The Clojure language is less well-known, but it has gained space and importance for being more objective. While in Java you have to write a lot of code to give an instruction to the object, Clojure is more concise, giving us more opportunities to offer simple-to-use products for those who don’t have access to financial services today.”

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