Nu México joins to the list of LinkedIn’s Best Companies 2023

LinkedIn Best Companies is a ranking that highlights companies that foster the long-term professional success of their employees.

Nu arrived in Mexico in 2019 with the mission of empowering people to take control of their money. We have the backing, support, and experience of almost 10 years of Nubank, one of the world’s largest digital finance platforms. Today, Nubank has more than 75 million customers in the three countries in which it operates, more than 3 million of them in Mexico. In our country, Nubank is known simply as “Nu”.

The Best Companies 2023 list is an annual ranking of the 25 most attractive companies to work for in Mexico and is made using data extracted exclusively from LinkedIn. 

This listing offers a valuable resource for both job seekers and those who want to explore new positions, improve their skills, and identify companies that invest in their workers and offer real opportunities for growth.

Today we have more than 1,000 Nubankers in Mexico, and we invited some of them to celebrate this accomplishment with us and share their experience with Nu Mexico:

Betsai Mendoza, Senior Software Engineer

“What I like most about working at Nu is that they value my opinion. I have a say on each of the project development stages, and I can contribute with ideas and solutions, which are listened to carefully. Nu abides by ethical principles, has a unique team, and values cultural diversity, where diversity of opinion is encouraged, and the status quo is constantly challenged.

In addition, Nu gives you the opportunity to work on significant projects that have a real impact on the lives of Mexicans.”

Alicia Hernandez, Xmart

“For me, working at Nu means finding a safe place to be me and show my skills, being valued for it. When I joined Nu, I received constant follow-up messages from leaders, HR people and colleagues who approached me to make sure I was in a safe place, that no one was disrespectful to me, that I had all the professional support from my team to feel safe and perform my job correctly.”

Argel Bejarano, Staff Software Engineer

“We are always looking to solve real problems from real people, something that didn’t exist before Nu arrived in Mexico.

Also, at Nu, we are always a Slack message away from the CEO or CTO, and they respond to you in such a casual way because the interaction with our leaders is super direct, something that doesn’t happen in many other companies.”

Maria Contreras, Public Policy Associate

“Working at Nu is like getting on a speeding train. Living and building with a bunch of super committed people who work really hard on lots of amazing projects.

I think we were chosen as one of the 25 best companies in Mexico because Nu is a company full of opportunities to do what you like and have an impact, and also to develop skills and steer your professional career to where you want it to go.” 

To compile this year’s list, LinkedIn looked at the progression of people employed by the company and the acquisition of skills while working there. This identifies companies that are helping their staff get ahead.

“We are very happy to have been ranked in the list of LinkedIn’s Best Companies in 2023. At Nu we believe in the importance of creating strong and diverse teams, which is why we strive to provide safe spaces that offer quality of life, well-being, and balance between work and personal life to the more than 1,000 Nubankers in Mexico.”

Iván Canales, general director of Nu México, commented on this.