Nu Way of Working: Nubank’s new hybrid work model

The Nu Way of Working is our hybrid work model that was created so people could collaborate more in person and still keep the flexibility of remote work. Check out how it will work.

Since Nubank was born, one of our most important pillars was always to build strong and diverse teams. And while creating a hybrid work model, it was essential to find a format that ensured teams could work in person without losing flexibility.

We are working remotely since March 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was announced, and we know that, since then, a lot has changed in the way people use their workplace. 

As the vaccination campaigns in the country move forward, our teams have been performing studies, which resulted in the most appropriate format for the well-being and productivity of Nubankers (the way people who work at Nubank are called). It’s the Nu Way of Working.

Have a look below at how the routine of our employees will work in this new model.

What is the Nu Way of Working?

The Nu Way of Working is the hybrid work model we have developed at Nubank. Effectively, it is a series of guidelines about how our employees will return to the office. It seeks to evaluate the best of two worlds (remote and on-site work) and bring flexibility to keep the well-being and productivity of our teams.

Now, our work model has two-month cycles: for every seven weeks of remote work, one week will be at the office. 

The teams already have a schedule with the stipulated dates throughout the year, and our goal is for the week of on-site work to enable people to get closer and participate in events and practices that are important for Nubank. We hope it won’t be a week of regular work, but instead a week where we can focus on those activities that teams should be working together on.

That way, teams can get together somewhat frequently to make more strategic plans in person. Even so, the flexibility of remote work is still possible, allowing our employees to live in other cities, for example, without the need for long commutes on a daily basis.

It’s worth bringing up that all Nubankers will have access to benefits (such as discounts on airplane tickets, buses, and hotels) whenever they need to go to the office.

Will this frequency be mandatory?

People and teams who want to work at the office on a higher frequency can book tables and areas at Nubank to enjoy these spaces and possibilities for collaboration.

We should also say that going to the office will not be mandatory for people who can’t show up at their team’s planned dates: our employees can align their expectations with their direct superiors in a way that doesn’t affect the work and connections of their team.

To make sure that going to the office is a safe experience for everyone in attendance, we will be following official data for the pandemic and defining strong health protocols.

In addition, to access our offices in Brazil and attend in-person events organized by Nubank, it is mandatory to show proof of vaccination with all doses present.

Why has Nubank adopted hybrid work format?

The Nu Way of Working policy was designed after a extensive and careful work of benchmarking with other companies, research on the future of work, and analysis of internal Nubank data, seeking to comply with three main goals: 

  1. Keep Nubank’s cultureWe hired more than six thousand people from March 2020 until today, and we understand that our offices and in-person meetings are an important way to keep and add to our culture;
  2. Attract, retain, and engage the best talent: We know that the most creative and innovative talent comes from all sorts of places and backgrounds. That is why we want to provide Nubankers with an environment where they can work however and wherever they feel most comfortable and still stimulate moments where teams will be present to collaborate and work together;
  3. Allow teams to have high performance so we can reach our goals: We acknowledge that people and teams have different goals and practices when it comes to work routines, and we believe the Nu Way of Working contemplates the needs of everyone. This model allows us to collaborate in different formats and ensures that Nubankers have autonomy and ownership of their work and the impact on their teams;

With the first teams going to the office, we will follow their return experience closely and will get feedback about the new structuring, health protocols, workstation reserve systems, accessibility aspects, and other factors. 

Based on the collected information, the work model will be improved continuously, just like Nubank’s products, always focused on goals.

Renewed Office

Over the last few months, our offices went through an extensive renovation to welcome Nubankers back in the best possible way. Various spaces were redesigned to promote connection between people, new rooms were created, and the convenience spaces are now even more accessible. 

Furthermore, our famous ball pit has also been modernized, and the building’s lobby now includes the Nu Café and digital panels with client stories, campaigns, and blog content. And the news do not stop there: Soon, we will launch Nu’s first physical Store (which currently works through e-commerce) in our office.

Our space is barrier-free, inviting, and welcoming. Just like it was before, the public will also be able to go inside to get to know Nu even more. Check out Nubank’s Office:

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