Nubank achieves a world record with more than 7 million people participating in NuBolão in one month

Unfortunately, victory did not come for Brazil in the FIFA World Cup. But on April 12, 2023, NuBolão achieved the title of world record holder – and you're a part of it.

The FIFA™ World Cup ended back in December 2022 and, unfortunately, the Brazilian national team didn’t end up victorious. But Nubank didn’t leave the World Cup empty-handed. It has won an important title for our customers.

On April 12, 2023, we became world record holders. How is that? Nubank broke the record in the category “Most people participating in a sweepstake within a month”, with our NuBolão. There were exactly 7,363,889 customers participating that month. This record becomes even more special and important considering that it all happened in a digital bank’s app (and not a sports one). 

At the end of the World Cup, there were about 8.3 million participants in the game that took place on our app during the biggest football competition on the planet.

And our customer were a part of it! Here, we have proven that we are close to them beyond the financial universe, and we have managed to unite millions of people around the Brazilian national passion: football. There, the clients helped us develop increasingly interesting and complete projects, spreading the word to friends, engaging and participating passionately in the game we proposed.

So, we’re thrilled to share with all 8.3 million NuBolão’s players that this title is an achievement for all of us!

Recalling NuBolão 

NuBolão was a tool available within Nubank’s app, designed so customers would create groups and make predictions for the World Cup games in a simple, fun way, and free of charge.

Between October 20 and December 18, 2022, while participating in Nubank’s sweepstake, customers competed for prizes that totaled more than R$ 300 thousand.

8,275,362 people were participating and guessing on NuBolão, about 298 million predictions of results for each of the 64 games played during the World Cup, with an average of 36 games guessed per person, and 728,000 groups created.

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Nu’s Records

This wasn’t the first time Nubank has achieved a Guinness World Records title. In October 2018, when it launched its new credit card, the company held the world’s largest simultaneous unboxing. More than 500 people were in one place to open their new cards.

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