Nubank is the financial company that Brazilians trust the most, according to ranking

Developed in partnership with Meio & Mensagem, the ranking measures the corporate reputation of brands. Nubank is the only financial brand to be on the overall top 10.

Auditorium at Nubank's office. The angle of the photo shows the screen in the background, the stage with armchairs and the audience chairs with red upholstery, lined up side by side and divided by rows.

Trust is something that is built with time, and we can’t just stop at words: to gain the consumer’s trust, the brands need to prove they deserve it. That is why we are happy to announce that Nubank was considered the financial company that Brazilians most admire and trust.

The recognition came with the last edition of the Caliber Index of Corporate Reputation (Índice Caliber de Reputação Corporativa), made public in partnership with Meio & Mensagem – a heavyweight duo: Caliber is an international consulting company specializing in the strategic management of corporate reputation, and M&M is the most relevant vehicle about the communication market for Brazil.

“This recognition is the result of our mission against the complexity to put people at the center of everything we do — from offering new products and functionalities to a customer service that is human and excellent. This achievement is just another step towards the true impact we want to create on the lives of more than 75 million clients in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.”

Cristina Junqueira, cofounder of Nubank

The index analyzed the fourth quarter of 2022. Nubank got first place among the financial companies in the trust and admiration indicator. Among the overall brands from every market, it was in the top 10, alongside companies such as Havaianas, O Boticário, Pfizer, and Nestlé.

How is the analysis done?

The index uses multiple criteria to get to the ranking, made public every quarter. The companies were analyzed between October and December 2022, and more than 13,000 reviews were collected.

Among the attributes analyzed, there were questions about integrity (if the company acts in an ethical, transparent, and responsible manner), innovation (how much the company innovates in their field), products and services (the quality from which the company delivers to clients), among others.

Relying on our customers’ trust is not just an important recognition. It is the acknowledgment that every day we deliver products and services that improve people’s relationship with their own money — and you all see that. Thank you very much to our more than 75 million customers.