“We want to be remembered not only for the revolution we have created but for the way we got there”

David Vélez, founder and CEO of Nubank, writes about our commitment to having the best practices over social, environmental, and governance matters - including net-zero emissions.

David Vélez, founder and CEO of Nubank, smiles sat at the offices.

When Nubank was born, in 2013, we knew exactly what we wanted to fight: the bureaucracy, the lack of attention to customers, and the abusive fees of a financial system unable to think about people.

To reinvent financial service and give back people control over their money, however, requires time, work, courage, planning, and extreme care with the process.

Here at Nubank, we are not only concerned with results, but also with the way we want to get there – something that has everything to do with one of our values: “we think and act like owners“.

As Nubankers, we must always think about what is best for customers, for people. As a company, we must act with awareness of our impacts and our legacy on society.

We have started this journey back there, developing more efficient solutions with less impact on the environment. Solutions that give our customers control over their money in a simple and fair way combined with excellent customer support.

We have created a work environment that values ​​and celebrates diversity, including people as they are and seeking to reflect the world outside. We have done all that adopting the best management practices to have a truly ethical and efficient business.

Now, we have taken another step in this direction: today, September 23th, 2020, we announce that Nubank has net-zeroed emissions of its entire history – we are the first institution in the banking sector in Brazil and Mexico to do this. Through partners, we are offsetting all the CO2 that we have already emitted and committing to net-zero emissions from here.

(Know the projects that are involved in Brazil and Mexico, and more here.)

As we are digital and more efficient, we naturally have less impact on the environment. Even so, we want to minimize it as much as possible. That is why we are committed to always being carbon neutral. We will not let it accumulate.

This is part of our commitment to having the best environmental, social, and governance practices at Nubank – and minimizing our impacts on the environment, building a more fair world for people, and maintaining the best management processes.

If you are a Nubank customer, from now on you can rest assured that the use of our products will not negatively contribute to CO2 emissions. When choosing Nubank, you are choosing a company committed to the environment.

After all, we want to be recognized and remembered not only for the revolution we have created but for the responsible way we got there.

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