Nubank is the most admired company in the Brazilian Product field

This information is from a survey conducted by PM3, reference school in Digital Products and Business in Brazil, in partnership with Bain & Company.

People talking at Nubank office in Colombia

As one of the leading technology companies in the world, Nubank leverages proprietary technologies and innovative business practices to provide financial solutions and experiences that are simple, intuitive, convenient, accessible, empowering, and human.

And this continuous dedication to excellence and customer-centricity has carved the path of the world’s largest neobank towards a great achievement:

Nubank was chosen as the most admired company to work with Product in Brazil, according to the Product Market Outlook 2023-2024, conducted by PM3 in partnership with Bain & Company.

PM3 is one of the largest Digital Product and Business schools in Brazil and Bain & Company is a global strategic consulting firm located in many countries.

The survey, made up of 61 completely anonymous questions, reflects the opinion of the largest groups and main Product communities in Brazil. In addition to Product Managers and Product Owners, other professionals such as Business Analysts, CPOs, VPs, UX professionals, Agile Coaches and Developers also responded to the study.

Efficient Product Expansion 

Nu, with its commitment to enhancing customers’ financial lives, not only offers an ever-expanding portfolio for all stages of their journey in Brazil but has also replicated its success in Mexico and Colombia. 

These experiences have provided to our product team valuable insights into customer needs and preferences, in addition to results gained from launches in Brazil over the past decade, Nu has been able to implement its offerings swiftly and efficiently in other countries where it operates.

One example is the evolution of the digital account in Mexico, named Cuenta Nu. The product was launched this year based on the experience of the Brazilian account (How Nubank launched ‘Caixinhas’).

The local team studied and implemented the necessary adaptations to comply with local regulations and market conditions. As a result, the Mexican audience quickly gained access to Cajitas – a feature that allows Nu Mexico customers to earn interest while maintaining access to their money 24/7.

By doing so, Nubank shows how strong product operations are within the organization and strengthens its product playbook, ensuring that everyone from top to bottom aligns with a common philosophy, minimizing reliance on chance and promoting a unified product vision 

Product Top Talent

Another important element for the constant quality of the company’s products is the recruitment of top talent in all levels of seniority.

These factors, combined with the company’s customer-centric culture, ensured that Nubank was ranked in the first place in the survey conducted by PM3 and Bain & Company.

On our side, we keep looking for the best talent to guarantee that our customers continue to love us fanatically.