Nubank joins the list of 25 most valuable brands in Brazil

For the first time, Nubank was mentioned on the list of most valuable companies in Brazil, conducted by the consulting firm Interbrand.

For the first time, Nubank was mentioned on the list of most valuable companies in Brazil, conducted by the consulting firm Interbrand.

Nubank was born to untangle people’s financial lives and to connect in a innovative way with the needs of our customers in the market: With human customer service, an easy-to-use app, and products that truly make a difference in each person’s financial organization.

Almost ten years after the start of this mission, we have joined the list of the 25 most valuable companies in Brazil, according to the ranking made by Interbrand, a global consulting firm. Nubank holds the seventh position and the full list, shared this Monday, March 27th, refers to the years 2022 and 2023 — and can be accessed on this link.

“Since day one, we believed that one of the most important assets for Nubank is how relevant the brand is for its customers. We believe a strong brand takes the commitment to surpass daily expectations and build confidence in the long run seriously. It’s almost ten years of this trajectory on the side of the people, listening to them, evolving, and transforming their relations with the financial market. The recognition by Interbrand reinforces our mission to put people at the center of every decision-making process, to deliver the best products and services for every one of our almost 75 million customers in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.”

Juliana Roschel, Marketing Director at Nubank.

Below, you can understand what are the criteria to create the ranking and get to know more about the consulting firm Interbrand.

How is the ranking of the most valuable brands in Brazil defined?

According to Interbrand, the consulting firm that conducts the ranking, the methodology includes an analysis of four factors: 

  • The brand’s financial value; 
  • Management, which consolidates the business in the present and can lead to good opportunities in the future; 
  • The brand’s experience in social media and the digital environment; 
  • And the dynamic construction of the brand, which analyzes the dynamism with which it relates to its customers.

It’s not possible to apply to participate in the ranking. Interbrand itself selects the companies that participate every year. It’s required that the brand be Brazilian and provides public information about its business.

Other criteria are also important, such as brands knowing where they want to go in the future, if the brand is remembered and considered trustworthy by customers, and if it produces a positive impact on people’s lives. To get to the ranking’s final result, more than a thousand interviews are conducted with the companies, and they receive a score for each criterion.

What is Interbrand?

Interbrand is a global consulting firm for brands, with over 45 years and eleven offices spread all over the world in cities like New York, London, and Shanghai. They work on creating many of the brand-building tools that are common today in the entire market.

Beyond their consulting services, Interbrand makes the yearly ranking of the most valuable brands in the countries where they work and a list of the 100 more valuable brands in the world.