Nubank is the 5th most innovative company in the world, according to Fast Company 

Nubank is the 5th most innovative company in the world, according to Fast Company 

The 2023 list features companies at the vanguard of different industries. The “Caixinhas” tool, innovative for helping people save money, was one of the biggest highlights.

Nubank was created with innovation in its DNA. Our mission was always to get rid of the complexity in the financial system and give people back control over their own money. That is why we are so pleased with yet another acknowledgment: We were considered one of the most innovative companies in the world in 2023 by the Fast Company magazine.

The North American magazine’s prestigious list, one of the biggest references in innovation marketing, has put Nu in 5th place; in Latin America, we got 1st place.

Among the main innovation aspects, FC has highlighted the tool “Caixinhas do Nubank”, which was released in 2022 to help people save money for their goals. “Nubank has changed the Brazilian bank system,” says the article. “Now, it’s helping their customers plan and save their money.”

This is the third time we get featured in the ranking, and the second time we get the first place in our continent.

“Over the last decade, Nubank’s obsession to serve its customers has contributed to remodeling the financial sector across every part of Latin America, combining technology, data, and excellent customer service to fight complexity, and empower people.”

David Vélez, founder and CEO of Nubank

Nu and Fast Company’s list

Every year, Fast Company looks for the companies that have made significant worldwide steps in their respective industries.

And Nubank’s steps have been big: In almost ten years of existence, we have become one of the biggest financial institutions in Brazil (the fifth in amount of customers), we have expanded our operations to Mexico and Colombia, and have invested in platforming to become more agile and economic.

More important than that are the products we have created to help our customers throughout the years.

Since the beginning, we’ve been pioneers by releasing a credit card without annual fees, and an account with yield and no maintenance fees; this kind of pioneering continues to this day, as we develop innovative services. Just in 2022, we launched novel solutions in the market, such as “Caixinhas”, “Modo Rua” (security function to protect the account even more), and NuTap, a card machine for companies inside the app itself.

Along this path, our customers have always been at the center of every one of our decisions. And we continue with the commitment to keep innovating, so we can offer the best financial services in the world.