Get to know Nubank’s main headquarters in Pinheiros, Sao Paulo/Brazil

How we created a workplace that reflects our values

photo of one of the Nubank's office walls. It is possible to see the company name graffitied in rounded letters and illuminated by a black light

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Despite being a digital company, Nubank has always had a fixed address. It is true that our office has changed its look a lot over the years: we started with a house, then went to a small commercial building and now Nubank’s headquarters is an eight-floor building in the heart of one of the most dynamic commercial hubs in São Paulo, Brazil.

What all these addresses have in common is our team’s concern in creating a space that reflects who we are. In the following text, we present Nubank’s corporate headquarters (one of them)!

Tour through Nubank’s office

Our corporate headquarters is located in São Paulo, Brazil, and receives over 7,000 Nubank collaborators. Our team works in a hybrid work model, which gives people a lot of flexibility — as well as the ability to acquire talent from multiple places.

Lobby open to the public

The building’s lobby has a space open to visitors: we have free Wi-Fi, a cafeteria and a purple ball pit that is usually a very popular place for relaxing, working and (why not?) taking pictures.  

Having these open spaces was a simple way we found to keep around those clients who are always asking for a visit and to see how our routine is like.

In the lobby we also have two spaces used for events: the auditorium and the Day One room. Other than meetings for our teams, these two rooms were created to host external events open to the public, such as Meetups for technology communities.

Behind Day One is our lunchroom and also a space to relax, with our pool and ping-pong tables, as well as video games.

Nubank’s auditorium

Work areas

Up the elevators (or the stairs, if you prefer) are the working areas, with shared desks. The office has eight wide, open and welcoming floors—made to boost the creativity and co-creation dynamic within our teams.

Upper photo from one of the office’s work areas

More than just a work trend, our choice for this open-office model has to do with transparency. Nubank was founded to challenge the status quo — the bureaucracy and sluggishness of big banks. 

We don’t follow the same customer service models or product development cycles as these companies—so it wouldn’t make sense for us to choose the same work models either. At Nubank, not even the CEO has a closed room: he shares his desk with other people.


For meetings and team tasks, we have rooms spread on all floors of the building ready to host even hybrid meetings (part of the team on-site and part of it remotely).

One of the office’s work areas

Furthermore, the office has private rooms such as the breastfeeding area (for mothers with young children), the Zen space (which can be booked by people who want to have a few minutes of peace and quiet), and the library. All employees can order new books for Nubank—the only rule is you must read it and then leave the copy available for anyone else who might want to read it too.

Picture of one of the spots in our library


Whoever goes to the roof of our office can enjoy the urban skyline while sitting on our bean bag chairs. The roof is another great living space for practicing sports and socializing.

Picture of one of our courts
Picture of our relax area

All these places are great for pictures, but our goal is to have an environment that translates and reinforces our values. A place that strengthens our teams and helps us in our mission to untangle people’s financial life.

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