Nubank opens another office in Brazil, the third one in São Paulo

The new building is now Nu’s largest space! The place is located at Vila Leopoldina neighborhood and can be used for events and trainings with large teams.

Photo of the entrance to the new office at Nubank. You can see the very large white logo applied in front of a purple wall, a purple velvety fabric armchair and the turnstiles.

🇧🇷 Also available in portuguese

At Nubank, one of our main values is “to create strong and diverse teams”. This was the foundation for our hybrid work model, which gives our teams more flexibility. 

To ensure collaborative work and the connection between people, we have expanded our presence in Brazil with a new office in São Paulo (where our headquarters are currently located). 

This new space will help accommodate an ever-growing team: today, only in Brazil, we have more than 7 thousand employees. Have a look at the work in progress below!

What Nubank’s new office in Brazil is like?

The building is in São Paulo, located at Vila Leopoldina neighborhood, and has a 10,000 square meter area. It has a very large, spread-out space – perfect for hosting events, trainings, offsites, and other important moments for large teams. 

It is still in testing phase so that the teams can provide feedback for improvements, and will be officially open for Nubankers to work there in 2023. 

The building’s furnishing was entirely based on our brand identity, with lots of purple, external lighting, and no barriers between spaces.

Disposed cards were used to make an office curtain.
The environments were planned to promote the most interaction among teams.
Nu’s brand and colors are present in every location at the office.

But what about Nubank’s old office in Brazil?

Our office located in the Pinheiros neighborhood (Nubank’s headquarters) still welcomes collaborators and the local community. It was completely renovated recently to welcome Nubankers beginning their hybrid work model.

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