Nubank is an official FIFA World Cup™ supporter: soon, we’ll have more surprises for our customers

In 2022, we want to be even closer to people through special events and content. The 2022 FIFA World Cup™ will be held in Qatar between November and December and will have Nubank as an official regional supporter.

Nubank is an official World Cup supporter in Qatar 2022

What comes to your mind when you think about the FIFA World Cup™? Streets painted in the colors of your country’s flag? Hanging out with friends? TVs turned on everywhere broadcasting the matches? Well, in the 2022 edition of the tournament, the fans will have all of that, yes. But with a twist…

Since 2013 Nubank has challenged the traditional financial system by offering simple, human, and transparent services and giving access to more people to retail banking services.

And it’s time to go even further: we are delighted to announce that we are the official financial institution for the FIFA Qatar 2022™ World Cup in South America. 

But why the 2022 FIFA World Cup™?

The FIFA World Cup™ is about much more than just football and famous players. It’s about people. It’s about how we come together to celebrate and cheer. We prepare ourselves for joy and frustration, we celebrate that last-minute goal that defines the tournament. The FIFA World Cup™ is about hugs at the best and worst times.

The Covid-19 pandemic took us away from the big crowds, and the truth is that the FIFA World Cup™ – which is already one of the most anticipated events by people all over the globe – should be even more important in 2022 as it will be the first big event where people will have the chance to be physically close again.

Does football change the world? Maybe not. But at the 2022 FIFA World Cup™, we hope to finally be together again.

Nubank at the FIFA World Cup™

All over the world, but especially in South America, football is a real passion, and supporting this competition is an opportunity to get even closer to our customers, as well as enable millions of people to enjoy this special moment across the continent.

“Football has, unlike any other sport, the power to unite people around the world, but especially in South America. We want to be part of this moment and contribute so that everyone in our region can experience the thrill of a new FIFA World Cup™, where we will have many reasons to celebrate.”, Arturo Nuñez, Nubank’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). 

And he continues: “The 2022 FIFA World Cup™ will be special as it will likely be the first major event after the Covid-19 pandemic. At Nubank, we do things differently, and that’s why we want our customers and people in every corner of our continent to be part of that moment with us”.  

About the 2022 FIFA World Cup 

This will be the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup™, one of the biggest sporting events on the planet. The international tournament is organized by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and will take place in Qatar, from November 21 to December 18, in seven host cities. This is the first time the competition will happen at the end of the year.

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