NuLab Salvador: Nubank prepares to inaugurate technology and customer experience hub

Announced in 2020, NuLab Salvador will be headquartered in a building located in the Rio Vermelho neighborhood. Get to know the project.

Nubank was born with the mission to simplify financial services and the lives of millions of Brazilians. And one of the pillars for doing this is using technology to create an easy-to-use, intuitive digital environment that reaches more and more people.

We are driven by innovation, always striving to create the best products and services for our customers. For that reason, Nubank has just announced the start of the operations to open NuLab Salvador, a hub for technology development and customer experience and our first office outside São Paulo.

The building is located in the Rio Vermelho neighborhood, a region known for its creativity and cultural activity in the capital of Bahia.

In addition to Nubank’s technology and design teams, it will accommodate future events, meetings, and exchanges of experiences that should take place from the beginning of 2022, when construction will be finished.

“This project was born to bring the plurality of Nubank’s customers to the development of our products and services. In addition, we want to develop local talent and accelerate access to knowledge in order to positively impact the community around us,” states Mayra Mezzomo, ESG manager and one of the responsibles for the development of the NuLab Salvador initiative.

Local talents

Even before opening its doors, NuLab Salvador’s operations had already started. In September, we opened applications for the first social impact program focused on training: a computer programming course.

The action is exclusive to Salvador residents. In partnership with the education startups Cubos and Alura, the program has already received more than 5,000 applications.

“We will have the opportunity to develop solutions focused on the experience of those who actually use our products. Doing all this in a space that encourages the exchange of experiences adds a lot of value and depth to our work,” says Christiane Canavero, ESG director at Nubank.

Applications for the first software development program at NuLab Salvador closed on November 3rd on the website of the partnership between Cubos and Nubank. There, you can also find more information about the free courses offered by NuLab Salvador.

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