NuStories: embracing transitions to own your career journey

Let's delve into the journeys of three Nubankers who embody our core values every step of the way.

Photo taken on the rooftop of the Nubank office, a very cozy place with big beanbags and lights between the trees. It is possible to see 3 people (and a dog!). They are spread out among the scenery, chatting informally.

At Nubank, growth isn’t just a metric—it’s a mindset. As a rapidly evolving fintech, we pride ourselves on fostering an environment where endless possibilities for career advancement beckon. But what does it truly mean to take ownership of one’s career at Nubank? Sometimes, to really progress career-wise, it’s necessary to pivot and start again. Luckily, Nubank is the right place to have this enriching experience.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the journeys of three Nubankers who have carved unique paths to success, embodying our core values every step of the way. Because, undoubtedly, values are only real when shared.

Our unwavering focus on the customer ensures we’re always attuned to the needs of our customers, striving to exceed their expectations. This dedication is mirrored in the stories of our Nubankers, who are driven by the desire to make a genuine impact. With transparency at the heart of our operations, we’re not just transparent about our policies and practices, but we also celebrate the honest and candid stories of our team members.

Here, simplicity is way more than just a value—it’s a philosophy. By making finance simple and accessible, we empower our team to innovate and create. This ethos is evident in the narratives of our Nubankers, who have harnessed the power of simplicity to drive change. Our agility isn’t just about swift decision-making; it’s about pioneering new ways to enhance our offerings, a trait that our featured Nubankers exemplify.

Nériton: from People Manager to Individual Contributor

When he joined Nubank as a People Manager a year and a half ago, Nériton Tolentino didn’t know how much happier he would be if he were having a more direct impact on the product. The decision to become an Individual Contributor, a role in which he’s been thriving ever since, as in many situations in life, came during the course of his duties.

In the bustling corridors of Nubank, Nériton’s story stands out as a testament to one of the company’s core values: “we think and act like owners, not renters“. Undoubtedly, Nériton’s journey is a portrayal of career dynamism and self-driven ambition.

The decision to transition from People Manager to Individual Contributor was taken after conversations with his personal manager and introspective career assessments. He realized that he was making the right decision, because the new position would align more with his aspirations and happiness.

“I realized that it would make more sense for my career, my future, my happiness and my performance to migrate to this new career.”

This wasn’t just a change in title but a profound shift in his daily routine and scope of work. Nériton became the pilot of his career, taking charge of his future at Nubank. He emphasizes, “I had to really put myself at the center of the situation and take charge of my career, acting as the master of my future.” 

Nériton’s story encapsulates the essence of Nubank’s ethos. He was empowered to take risks, challenge himself, and ultimately transition between roles, all while keeping the company’s mission at heart.

“Career dynamism is something real and Nubank has given me the opportunity to do so”.

At Nubank, you’re not just an employee; you’re the owner of your destiny.

Paula: Rediscovering Nubank after a Maternity Leave

Paula Macedo, a Senior Design Manager, has been with Nubank for nearly four years. She recalls, “I’ve been on Nubank’s Design team for almost 4 years and my first role was leading the Research team, created from scratch for Project Tomorrow – Understanding Brazil”.

However, life took a turn when Paula embraced motherhood in 2021. During her two-year maternity leave, Nubank underwent significant transformations. 

“When I left, Nubank was a company of 3,000 people. When I came back from maternity leave, it was a new company with more than 6,000 people”.

This period of absence meant that Paula had to rediscover the company she once knew so well. 

But her adaptability and her willingness to engage in meaningful conversations with colleagues from various teams paved the way for her reintegration. These interactions not only helped her grasp the evolution of Nubank during her hiatus but also illuminated new opportunities.

“Understanding this new environment, with the help of my colleagues, helped me to think of new possibilities. And that’s how I got to the Legal Entity team, where I built a design team that interacts with Research, Product Design and Content Design, in collaboration with the Marketing and Engineering teams”.

In Nubank, we build strong and diverse teams. Her transition back into the company and her shift to a new team, where she continues to lead as she did during the Research days, showcases the company’s dedication to fostering growth, diversity, and adaptability among its employees. 

Her story underscores the importance of self-reflection, adaptability, and the power of collaboration in a rapidly changing environment. Paula’s experience serves as an inspiration to all Nubankers, highlighting that with the right mindset and the support of a diverse team, one can navigate change and thrive in any role. 

Vinicius: Pursuing his Passion for Coding and Programming

Vinicius Sousa’s journey stands as a beacon of self-driven ambition and the company’s unwavering commitment to the same core value shown by Nériton in the first story: we think and act like owners of our careers, not renters. Vinicius, a passionate Software Engineer, embarked on his Nubank journey in May 2020 as a Business Analyst. Today, nonetheless, he’s an Analytics Engineer in the Fraud Chapter.

From the outset, Vinicius’s zeal for coding and programming was evident. As he delved deeper into the world of Nubank, he found himself thriving as a Business Analyst in the Lending area, where he honed his skills and expanded his knowledge.

However, as he progressed, he realized that the trajectory of a business analyst would gradually distance him from his true passion—programming. 

Vinicius’s transition to Analytics Engineer, where he could remain closely intertwined with coding, showcases Nubank’s commitment to nurturing its employees’ passions and strengths. 

“We are owners and not renters of our careers and I decided to move to ensure that I would be close not only to what I liked best but also to what I do best, to contribute more to Nubank’s results.”

Vinicius’s experience underscores the importance of being proactive, seizing opportunities, and shaping one’s path with conviction. 

Different career possibilities at Nubank

The three stories above show just a few of the many possibilities for career growth at Nubank. There are opportunities for people with all different skills and interests. Whether you want to be a People Manager, a Product Manager, or a Software Engineer, there is a place for you at Nubank. And if you want to venture into other sectors and functions within the company, this place will not cease to exist.

If you are looking for a company that will challenge you and help you grow, Nubank is the place for you. We’re constantly evolving and looking for talented people to join our team.