Nubank is one of the most attractive companies for Brazilian students to work at in 2022

The recognition of the employer branding in the Universum ranking comes with two other awards: Diversity in Practice (from Blend Edu) and the Respect Award (from Grupo Padrão).

photo of a nubanker playing with a puppy sitting on the floor of the nubank's office

Nubank was born in 2013 to challenge the status quo and offer financial products that transform the relationship between people and their money. Nine years and 70 million clients later, we were recognized in Brazil with three awards in the same week for the work done. Check it out:

Top 100 Universum Award

What are the top 100 most attractive companies for Brazilian professionals starting their careers? The Top 100 Universum ranking answers that question, listing what more than 26 thousand students in 126 universities in the country prefer. 

In the 2022 ranking, Nubank went from the sixth to the third position in the Business category. In Engineering, we went from the 21st position to the 17th. In the IT area, we remained in fifth place and were the only Latin American company in the category’s top 10. 

The study evaluates what the students look for in a company and what are the existing professional opportunities in the market. During the survey, students shared their opinions and views on their career goals and ideal employers.

Most of them believe that a good reference for the market, flexibility, and good leadership are decisive factors in choosing a company.

Diversity in Practice Award (Prêmio Diversidade em Prática)

The award was created in 2022 to identify, recognize, and share good practices from companies that contribute to the creation of more diverse and inclusive workplaces. The practice of 120 days of parental leave for employees at Nubank is one of the award-winners in the category Infrastructure and Accessible and Inclusive Processes. 

More than 280 initiatives from companies located in Brazil participated in this first edition. All of them were analyzed by an evaluation committee composed of experts in diversity, ESG, HR, and management.

Respect Award (Prêmio Respeito)

The Prêmio Respeito (Respect Award) was created by Grupo Padrão to evaluate the perception of clients about companies in different sectors. In 2022, Nubank was considered the company which promoted respect to Brazilian customers the most in the Neobanks segment, according to the award. This is the fifth time we were mentioned in the award.

The study that came to this conclusion is made by CX Brain, in partnership with OpinionBox. It is based on a quantitative survey made with more than ten thousand participants from different social classes and regions from the countries that evaluated around 226 companies. 

“Prêmio Respeito (Respect Award) highlights the impact our team has already made in the lives of more than 70 million clients. We are very proud to be recognized this way, as it reinforces our commitment to provide high-quality services so that people can fall in love with Nubank,” said David Vélez, Nubank’s CEO.

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