What is it like being a Product Marketing Manager at Nubank?

Product Marketing Managers (PMM) are marketing professionals who act within product teams as a bridge between business, brand, and client development.

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Nubank was born to help people recover control over their financial lives through simple and technological solutions. This is why the need to expand the digital product management field has become even greater.

We have a wide range of professionals from different fields working on developing, launching and constantly improving our products — such as Product Marketing Managers (PMMs), who are people with marketing experience assigned to a products team.

Check out how the career of a Product Marketing Manager at Nubank is like, according to a few Nubankers on the team.

What does a Product Marketing Manager do at Nubank?

Product Marketing Managers are responsible for bringing the client’s vision to product discussions and develop propositions for value, positioning, and launch management. Once it’s launched, they will ensure a steady demand, retention, and engagement with the product. This is why they participate every day in strategic discussions with both product and marketing teams.

Scope of Work

The scope of Product Marketing Managers at Nubank is split into 4 main pillars: discovery, positioning, launch and engagement:

  • Discovery: what does the client expect from the product? What needs are we solving? What pains does this relieve? These and other questions are part of the discovery step, which occurs not only during the first stage, from launch, but also during the product’s lifecycle. After all, we need to keep listening to our clients in order to evolve and have our new launch priorities set.
  • Positioning: in this step, we need to develop what is called the product’s value proposition—what sets it apart and makes it the best option for our clients. It is important for these points to have a definition as simple and transparent as possible. In this step, it might also be necessary to create segments that focus on communication efforts and analyze the competitive landscape.
  • Launch (Go-to-market): time to release the product and assess the best way of telling clients and the market: what is its strategy, what channels will be used, the amount of effort and investment, etc.
  • Engagement (Lifecycle): after the product or feature is announced, it is the role of a PMM to work on its engagement—with e-mail and communication tests, for instance. In this stage, it is still essential to listen to clients’ feedback and help the team prioritize the next rollouts.

Expected Skills

On our team, we have people with very distinct careers, from consumer goods, finance, technology, consulting, as well as backgrounds in marketing, communication, management, economy, engineering, and other fields. 

You do not need to have held this exact position previously; the most important thing is having experience with marketing and being able to move between the role’s main pillars: brand, business, and client. And of course, having the disposition to learn and grow.

What is the difference between a Product Manager (PM), Product Operations (POps) and Product Marketing Manager (PMM)?

Despite having similar titles and working closely to one another, there are a few big differences between their roles:

  • Product Managers: focus on defining the problem and building a product that delivers a clear value proposition to the customer, it is technically feasible and it is economically viable;
  • Product Operations: focus on the business strategy and the project management, taking care about the process and owning the relationship with third parties;
  • Product Marketing Managers: their main focus is to represent the voice of the client and develop the marketing strategy for the product.

They both share scopes related to identifying clients’ pains and needs to align them with value proposition and influence development of the product. 

What our Product Marketing Managers say:

“The daily job as a PMM here at Nubank is extremely dynamic! We are in touch with many departments and our tasks vary a lot according to the product’s stage. Something that never changes is that we are always dedicated to understanding our clients and offer them the best solutions we can.”

– Isabella Bara, PMM (Account) 

“Working as a PMM at Nubank means waving different flags within your team: one for the brand, one for the client, and one for the business. We are part of a product’s cycle from beginning to end, from the process of discovery to development and launch. We are challenged to navigate different contexts, as well as being involved in the product’s strategic decisions.”

– Fernanda Patrão, PMM (Loans)

“We are building a new career for Marketing professionals in the tech environment. It’s very inspiring to witness this role as it develops, its strategic value as perceived by the business and the variety of subfunctions that we can encompass in our scope!”

– Matheus Barbosa, PMM (Lifecycle)

“I love being a part of product development every day due to its dynamic nature and opportunities to learn from other roles and ways of thinking. We bring our clients’ struggles and brand vision to the table; it’s the best of both worlds!”

– Carolina Pascotto, PMM (Account and app experience)

Reviewed by: Mariana Iki

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